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Harmonie Poudre De Soleil – Summertime De Chanel Collection- My review

This beautiful collection from Chanel “Summertime De Chanel” screams summer. It includes a mixture of sophisticated nude & coral lips, a mix of muted browns and a focus on glowing bronzed skin! Chanel-… Continue reading

Colorescience Pro- the innovative choice of mineral makeup!

I’m sure many of you might have not heard about this brand “Colorescience pro”- and so did I- until a few weeks ago when my friend introduced me to them! I tried some… Continue reading

The “Holiday” Collection- from Too Faced – LUV IT!

I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Sephora will launch this new collection soon! It’s a limited edition- and I’m in love with the soft neutrals! The collection consists of… Continue reading

MY PHOTO TUTORIAL- How to mend your broken eyeshadows & blushes!!!

I decided to show you how to mend your broken eyeshadows/blushes, on my own, instead of videos. It’s very easy, just follow the steps. This is my broken eyeshadow. I love this shade,… Continue reading

Art of Powder Collection- by MAC – Abstract powders

 MAC continuously launches new products! It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes…  Their new collection is Limited edition & inspired by “The masters & modern art movements”. The palettes are portrayed in… Continue reading

Enhance your bronzer…

So you apply your bronzer. WAITTTTTTT… Enhance it more…  Add this: It is a cool product from a brand called “TOO FACED”—sold only in SEPHORA (Middle East). This Pure Bronze Mineral Bronzer consists… Continue reading

How to properly apply bronzer?

This requires strategy. It is not hard, but you must be aware of the key zones on your face that you have to focus on. Remember, blending is the critical step to pull… Continue reading


CARGO — The majority of you haven’t heard about this company. It’s a Canadian cosmetic line, in which product cases are made from renewable resource & easy biodegradable products. In the Middle East, it… Continue reading

A Tinier Forehead

If you have a slightly huge forehead and don’t have bangs, then bronzer is the godsend solution. Reach for any matte bronzer (not shimmery) and a big powder brush. Bronzing your forehead area… Continue reading

The slimming Effect

Contouring… The one thing I still struggle with. Many girls don’t do it, but it’s essential as it creates a sense of balance & adds dimension to your makeup. It is usually applied… Continue reading

The St. Tropez face

Every summer, when I get really tanned, I stock up on St. Tropez’s Gradual tan for the Face. (2 shades) If you have built your natural tan, and want to maintain it for… Continue reading

The Finishing Effect

I know most of you just apply foundation, bronzer on the side, top it off with a little blush and go! Well… Not so fast! If you havn’t done what I’m about to… Continue reading

Bronzed Beauty

HOOLA. One word. HOOLA, is the perfect bronzing powder. This matte bronzing powder from Benefit will brighten up your palest complexions, giving you a gorgeous glowing tan! A mini brush is provided for you… Continue reading