Harmonie Poudre De Soleil – Summertime De Chanel Collection- My review

This beautiful collection from Chanel “Summertime De Chanel” screams summer. It includes a mixture of sophisticated nude & coral lips, a mix of muted browns and a focus on glowing bronzed skin!

Chanel- always keeping it classy- opt for pretty simple and subtle shades instead of extra bright hues for the summer.

As Chanel describes it, “Sun-kissed cheeks, magnetic eyes, and radiant beauty”.


So I have this bronzer from the collection- and I can tell you- from just seeing it- you will feel that it is the MOST natural bronzer you will ever see, due to its very subtle colors. BTW- this bronzer is used on the model’s face in the above photo.


The bronzer Harmonie Poudre De Soleil” #907 Sable Beige is the bronzer’s name. The collection does have another one called “Sable Rose” with some pink & gold to give some hint of blush.


It comes in a cute velvety pouch



Sable Beige bronzer has a mixture of beiges & browns. You will notice that the colors range from soft to intense, all in form of blocks! This will make it easier to swipe the different colors and give your face a beautiful mixed glow (light & dark)- Not just dark as other bronzers (orangy result)!


So it has 7 color strips. They blend beautifully and naturally contour (which I LOVE- not a dark shown contour).


If you want a super natural bronzer- this is the way to go. For extra dark bronzed look- this is the wrong choice.


However, it will go beautifully if you are tanned & want to add a hint of a natural glow. You will feel that this bronzer is super lightweight!

I like using these type of bronzers/blushes with a KABUKI brush- easier to use and take on all the different colors.

Can’t wait to be fully tanned again in a week so I can really feel how this bronzer will give me a natural glow!

My swatch is below- notice how very natural it looks- a beautiful reflecting sheen… but you can always add more for it to show



The bronzer’s retail price is 28 BD

Summertime De Chanel Full collection is available in Bahrain. It’s limited editon so get yours asap! It is one of those chanel powders (like Blush De Horizon-pink) which are causing a huge stirr in the beauty industry!

You can get yours at: