The Finishing Effect

I know most of you just apply foundation, bronzer on the side, top it off with a little blush and go! Well… Not so fast! If you havn’t done what I’m about to tell you, then you havn’t experienced how to have a FLAWLESS face. Let’s just say, after COLOURING YOUR FACE–> ( Eyeshadow +foundation)… and right before you apply your blush.. USE THIS..

It’s MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. Some girls use it as bronzing powder, but that is not the actual use of it. It’s a powder (with minerals + vitamins+ SPF) slowly baked to provide a natrual matte finish. It ranges in different shades: Medium(plus/deep/dark) & Light(plus) & Dark (deep). I personally use Medium deep for winter, and Dark for summer. This product FINISHES OFF your base and trust me, it will change your whole look! I use the MAC 187 brush to apply this on top of my foundation, in circular strokes next to the cheeks, horizantally on forehead & jaw, & vertically on nose.