How to properly apply bronzer?

This requires strategy. It is not hard, but you must be aware of the key zones on your face that you have to focus on. Remember, blending is the critical step to pull off flawless sunkissed radiance. You are attempting to copy how the sun hits your face, so you have to choose the areas. After applying your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or sunless tanner (to warm up your face):

  1. Get your favorite bronzer.. With a not so large fluffy powder brush (I use bobbi brown’s), dab any excess onto tissue place on cheek. Circular motion on apples and sweep along your side temples. The circle lightly at outer jaw. Make sure you don’t get anything under your eyes.
  2. Very lightly, diagonal sweep across each side of forehead.

     (areas to apply bronzer are shaded)

  1. Balance your bronze by some touchups on Nose bridge + chin
  2.  Don’t forget to balance your face with neck, so apply lightly under chin, neck + chest.
  3. You can add some blush to your cheeks to add some colour! Bronzer on its own might apply dull. Creamy or powder blush- your choice.

If you feel that your bronzer is not blended properly, take a KABUKI brush, and blend it with it. It should even it out.  (KABUKI brush below)

Bronzers are always available in either matte or shimmer finish.  If you have fine lines or wrinkles, matte is the answer. Bronzers are also available in either liquid or powder. I recommend liquid for people with extra dry skin, but the powder (mostly used) are for people with oily or combination skin.

I use Benefit’s Hoola /Cargo/NARS laguna/Mayelline’s Sunglow/MAC’s refined golden

Brushes you can use