The slimming Effect

Contouring… The one thing I still struggle with. Many girls don’t do it, but it’s essential as it creates a sense of balance & adds dimension to your makeup. It is usually applied on the temple area of our cheeks, nose, eyes, & chin areas. Powder/mineral powders give a smoother satinish finish & are easier to blend than creams/liquids.

To hide your problems the solution is contouring. Whether you want a slimmer nose, cheekbones, less double chin… A great contouring kit I use is “Smashbox’s- Step by step contour kit”.  It includes 3 shades (contour,bronze,highlight). A contour brush is included (SLANTED) + a mini picture with instructions on where to apply each shade.

Step 1: use the base of the contour brush, apply the darkest shade (contour) to the sides of nose, jaw line & underneath cheekbones for a SLIMMING EFFECT. To enhance cheekbones, suck in our cheeks & apply the darkest shade to the hollows.

Step 2: using the side of the contour brush, apply the bronzer (middle shade) to the nose, cheeks, chin & forehead to add warmth to the complexion. To minimize a double chin, apply this shad along the jaw line and blend it towards your neck which will create depth & hides the extra fat.

Step 3: using the tip of the brush, apply the highlighter (lightest shade) to the bridge of the nose, cupids bow & above cheekbones + brows to light the high planes of the face. For a small thin chin, apply the highlighter to the centre of the chin.

BLENDING BLENDING  & BLENDING is again, what helps everything to stand out without being blotchy & even.