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Know your skin type

It is super important to know your skin type. Once you know which one, you then need to know how to take care of it. Advertisements

Clinique: Even Better Eyes

This hydrating tinted eye cream helps those with dark circles. It hydrates & brightens (but must be used in 12 weeks to see results). It also has a cooling metal tip to massage… Continue reading


This is called the “NUTRIGANICS” line It is focused on women aged 30-40 yrs to help improve the appearance of skin and smooth signs of ageing. It is basically an anti ageing line.


The body shop does have an affordable & great range of skincare which i always recommend in my classes See below for a full explanation of the different skincare range in THE BODY… Continue reading


The body shop does have an affordable & great range of skincare which i always recommend in my classes See below for a full explanation of the different skincare range in THE BODY… Continue reading


The body shop does have an affordable & great range of skincare which i always recommend in my classes See below for a full explanation of the different skincare range THE BODY SHOP… Continue reading

6 Easy Tips To Help Your Skin Survive Winter

This post is not mine- but I loved to share it with you! It’s by a famous blogger “LARA RAMOS” who is known for her blog  Lara also writes for See… Continue reading

How to remove dark spots

I do suffer from brown pigmentation – and I have tried a lot of special solutions, dermatologist creams, scrubs, you name it .. and it didn’t remove my pigmentation. I have tried this… Continue reading


Had a fantastic facial- one that i have not tried before! It is called “INTRACEUTICAL OPULENCE OXYGEN FACIAL” and i got it done @dermacare ! You will see better results within days (according… Continue reading


I’m sure you have seen this a lot- in a variety of brands ofcorse! This one is from MAC. It is called “Blot film” or “Blot paper”. It is just a sheet of… Continue reading

Chanel hydra beauty eye gel

If you dislike thick eye creams, I suggest you try this eye gel from chanel- the hydra beauty radiance eye gel. It is a cooling gel which adds moisture without being too oily.… Continue reading

ELDAN Eye serum

ELDAN is an Italian brand which has a main focus of skincare. This “Eye Serum” from Eldan is an innovative product that prevents darkness around eyes, attenuates to wrinkles and works on the… Continue reading

Blue Primer: Learn how it can be super helpful

Im sure you have seen a blue primer in store shelves and wondered what it does. Well it does color correct your skin- by adding radiance to fair skin and reduces minor imperfections… Continue reading

My Review: Hydra Veil by Illamasqua

Finally- an illamasqua product that focuses on skincare! Hydra veil is basically a pot with a gel based formula made to super hydrate your face and provide a strong base underneath your makeup.… Continue reading

Your guide to healthy foods for BEAUTIFUL skin

Beautiful skin begins with a healthy lifestyle! You can really improve your skin by eating right 🙂 See below for a brief description of important food sources that can help your skin VITAMIN… Continue reading

My review: shu uemura ‘s ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil skin purifier

I really hate that annoying feeling when you remove your makeup and you still feel that u have dirt on your skin!! I have got this shu uemura’s skin purifying cleansing oil recently… Continue reading


I Had this product for a while now- but I just realized that I should definitely write my review about it! The product is from a company called “GREEN BAR“… and what I… Continue reading

My Review: the “Beauty Balm” by Too Faced

Not all brands have beauty balms… and the disadvantage in many brands is the limited shades…. First…. what is a beauty balm? Basically, it’s a type of foundation that aims to cover blemishes,… Continue reading

The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Scrub – My Review

So I recently got this new exfoliator scrub from MAC ! I decided to try it out during my holiday here in Spain…. MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator FYI – this product was… Continue reading

The Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer – My Review

I’m in love with this moisturizer! It is one of those products that I have bought in a long time but have never used- up until 2 months ago where I started using… Continue reading

Oh So Refreshing! A perfect moisturizing facial spray for Makeup!

Well, this is not a new product – it’s just something that I love to use with my makeup! I’m all about keeping the face moist & refreshed. I hate dull looking skin… Continue reading

The Green Primer … Why use it and How? Illustration with Make Up4ever HD primer

I’m sure you have seen the green primer in lots of places… All bottled up & stacked on makeup counters… YET … You have NO idea why it is green or what to… Continue reading

HYDRAMAX+ … The perfect tinted moisturizer for tanned skin!

Summer is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Summmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer is here!!! WOHOOOOOOO Well.. 1 more month till i leave … for COSTA DEL SOL! Summer has a lot to do with the product I’m about to tell you… Continue reading

Kiehl’s moisturizer- the FACIAL MOISTURIZER!

I constantly talk about Kiehl’s products- I love them!!!! Especially the midnight recovery concentrate! Well- I am in love with this moisturizer from Kiehls- I’m telling you- LIKE NO OTHER MOISTURIZER! I love… Continue reading


I luuuuvvvv this product from the bottom of my heart! Smashbox- by far- have the most amazing award winning primers!   It’s called “PHOTO FINISH LIGHT- FOUNDATION PRIMER” It is the perfect primer… Continue reading

MAC Mineralize Skincare Collection

  We all love MAC’s mineralize products- either the eyeshadows or the foundations or most important the skinfinish powders! Well, MAC decided to take it up a notch- & to actually launch a… Continue reading

A brightening face primer from Benefit!

I just brought this product- “THAT GAL” from Benefit ! Basically, it’s a brightening face primer- removes that dull complexion that some of us have. I’m a huge fan of the Benefit packaging… Continue reading

Estee Lauder’s “DayWear” moisturizer- BEST EVER!!

I have been using this face cream for a month now, and trust me girls, i think i have found “THE ONE” !! This cream is to be used in the day, and… Continue reading

Airbrushing in a tube: BLUR OUT imperfections & look 10 yrs younger in 40 seconds

Introducing “NANOBLUR”- the new cream that claims to cover up your wrinkles/pigmentation etc & make you look younger “INSTANTLY”!! This newcomer to the market is selling like crazy.. & it has finally reached… Continue reading

The Award winning eye cream: Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating eye cream

Do you really need eye cream? Ofcourse you do Applying an under eye cream is an important step of your daily beauty routine. The skin around your eyes is very delicate. This area… Continue reading

FACE TONER? Do you really need it? Try out Bobbi Brown’s amazing face toner

Many of you skip this part, after you wash your face you apply face cream straight away. Toner needs to go in after face wash & before cream application. A toner actually cleanses… Continue reading

Lancôme’s Skin Perfector: Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Coming soon, Lancôme is introducing a formula to correct the appearance of wrinkles, pores & texture. After 12 years of being “in the making”, the visionnaire will be considered Lancôme’s first skincare product… Continue reading

Midnight Recovery?!

We all need our beauty sleep… and with this product, your face will be beautifies/recovered while you are dozing off! “Kiehl’s” Midnight Recovery Concentrate – ONE NIGHT. TWO DROPS. YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN BY… Continue reading

Primed and Poreless

I have found this amazing “matte” makeup primer from Too Faced, which achieves the look of flawless skin. It is formulated to be worn under bronzers or foundation powders/liquids. With Vitamins A+ C… Continue reading

Clean Up Time…

We are all lazy by nature. It’s 11 pm, time for bed, and you are really not in the mood to remove your makeup. It’s a long process! But try to force yourself… Continue reading

The solution for longer wear

Put on your makeup without a cream base or serum primer base and it’s all going to fade out in 2-3 hours. Prepping your face before makeup with a cream that best suits… Continue reading