Welcome to my web site!

I’m Mai and I’m a Make-up addict.

The obsession with make-up started out a few years ago & I decided to actually explore everything about it! I felt the urge to educate the women who use make-up but have no clue on how to apply it: shes uses a wrong brush with this or applies this before that or uses a dark color with this.. Etc. What made me start was when friends kept asking me: what’s that eyeshadow? How do you even out your skin after foundation? How to use the eyeliner? How to How to How to…. So i gathered them and created a MAKE-UP 101 session & taught them all the basics. Then I realized that many other girls need to know about this. Guiding them through this will enhance their make-up skills & make them feel pretty.

This website features product reviews, new collections, make-up tips, how to’s and random make-up talk. On a daily basis, I’m testing new products and informing you what’s good and what’s not worth it.

I do give makeup classes (basics, advanced & private) ! Check my classes tab for more info!

I have studied in Illamasqua School of Makeup Art in London. However, the majority of my makeup studying is done alone (all by myself).

Hope you enjoy reading my posts, and please do not hesitate to ask me anything you need to know!

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Mai M.