CARGO — The majority of you haven’t heard about this company. It’s a Canadian cosmetic line, in which product cases are made from renewable resource & easy biodegradable products. In the Middle East, it is only sold in SEPHORA. It is an amazing brand, with award winning products- especially their blushes!

Anyways, the product I wanted to introduce to you is:


This award winning bronzer has gotten better, after it’s been made bigger! The advantage of this highly pigmented bronzer is that it doesn’t make you look orange. It’s different than the bronzer “Hoola” from benefit, as it is more shimmery & gives you a glow (NOT THAT SHIMMERY AS OTHER BRONZERS). It gives you a very natural + healthy tan. This stunning copper coloured won’t streak!

What’s also good about this medium shade is that it’s so versatile. It compliments all skin tones. You can wear it instead of blusher if you have fairer skin. You can wear it without foundation. You can even wear it all year round! Make sure you use a bronzer brush with this, or a slightly big brush. I love Bobbi Brown’s bronzer brush (photo below). You can use any brush similar to it.