MY PHOTO TUTORIAL- How to mend your broken eyeshadows & blushes!!!

I decided to show you how to mend your broken eyeshadows/blushes, on my own, instead of videos. It’s very easy, just follow the steps.

This is my broken eyeshadow. I love this shade, it’s Nylon-from MAC.

Take any wand or stick and crush the broken pieces even more- make it EXTRA CRUSHED

Get a coin, make sure it fits the eyeshadow exactly, same size.

Take the coin and wrap it in a tissue, like the picture below. Then keep the wrapped tissue on the side.


Go to a pharmacy and buy a “Rubbing Alcohol/ Alcohol Disinfectant” – a bottle.


After crushing the eyeshadow (within its pan), pour a few drops of alcohol on it. Make sure to not pour too much.

It has to be a thick paste. If it became to watery, let it dry for a few hours.


Take the wrapped up coin in tissue and press it on the paste. You can press & twist it in a circular motion.


It will look like this, after being pressd. You can smooth it out any way you like

Let it dry for an hour or so, then place it in your palette, if you have one.


YAY! Mission accomplished!