How to Clean your brushes? This is the Makeup artist’s proper routine!

We all get confused on how to clean our makeup brushes. Shall we settle on the brush cleanser liquid that Cosmetic stores sell? Or Shampoo? Or soap? Hmmm..     To be honest… Continue reading


This collection was created along the Spring-Summer Haute Couture Collection. The colors it focuses on are the shades of pink & grey. What’s amazing in this range is the beautiful “KNITTED TEXTURE” of… Continue reading

Best 2 Waterproof mascaras

Many mascaras claim they are waterproof. Yet, they don’t achieve what they declare. Many of them smudge, flake or run down your face when come in contact with water- keep in mind that… Continue reading

TREND ALERT! Burgundy Lips & Golden Eyes

Wine colored lips is the “new thing”. The ‘Burgundy’ lip is what’s hot for this fall. Burgundy has its advantage. It will work well on all skin tones!   Burgundy comes in a… Continue reading

Guerlain’s Fall 2011 Collection: Magnifique!

The collection features 9 new eyeshadow palettes of four colors each.  Each eyeshadow palette has four textures: Iridescent: with tiny pearl particles Matte: for an extra-matte, ultra-soft finish Velvet Satin: for a soft, delicate… Continue reading

MAC Me Over

MAC will launch a 51 piece collection for fall. Consists of a 3 part collection to cater a different look. The 1st  features MAC’s artists favorite nudes & pinks (classics & new limited… Continue reading

Million Lashes

I love this new mascara from L’Oreal- “Volume Million Lashes”. L’Oreal states “don’t just volumize… MILLIONIZE!”   Tried & Tested= LOVE.. LOVE… LOVE!!   From my test, I realized that it’s non clumpy,… Continue reading

Create your at home “Lip Stain”

Blackberries are very healthy for you, but their color does the trick here. The dark plum color (on your lips) is amazing for fall season. I’ll let you in on an easy way… Continue reading

Midnight Recovery?!

We all need our beauty sleep… and with this product, your face will be beautifies/recovered while you are dozing off! “Kiehl’s” Midnight Recovery Concentrate – ONE NIGHT. TWO DROPS. YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN BY… Continue reading

15th year Anniversary ~ Urban Decay

Urban Decay just celebrated its 15th birthday with a 15 shade palette. Never-seen-before eyeshadows rest in a velvet tray which can then be used to store your jewelry after being used up.  … Continue reading

Product of the Week#1: MADLY

Your blush palette must include this!   NARS blush: in ‘madly’ shade   This “seashell pink” blush is a muted apricot brownish pink color with a hint of shimmer to give a sunkissed… Continue reading

Perfect Eyes~ From Too Faced

Too Faced just launched this anti-smudge creamy long wearing eyeliner that glides on easily. It will stay put for up to 8 hours.     These pencils come in 6 shades, and each… Continue reading


‘Tarte’ known as the organic eco-friendly cosmetic line has recently launched for Fall 2011 the limited edition Tarte for “True Blood” collection.  This collection captures the soul of the supernatural tv show- combining… Continue reading

Eye shadow lover: This is your box of candy!

Here it is. The Ultimate humongous gigantic eyeshadow palette!!   It’s from NYX- “pronounced NIX” – an american cosmetic company, brings you affordable professional makeup. The palette/box (NYX S118) consists of 112 colours.… Continue reading

LipFinity Lip Tint

Max Factor launched their “LipFinity Lip Tint Pen” earlier this year- which basically looks like a permanent marker. I had to try it!   Shades include: Royal Plum, pink princess, berry burst, marshmellow,… Continue reading

MAC: Cindy Sherman Collection for Fall 2011

Photographer & artist Cindy Sherman and MAC teamed up for a fall makeup collection. Cindy Sherman’s ability to transform into so many different characters is the point of this collection. She embodies the Power… Continue reading

FALL 2011: Clinique’s Black Honey Collection

The iconic lip-gloss shade “Black Honey” has been made into a collection! This flattering collection looks fantastic on many skin tones. The shade ‘Black Honey’ was introduced in 1971 and since then it… Continue reading

New! Bobbi Brown’s High Shimmer Lipgloss

After realeasing some high shimmer gloss shades earlier this summer, Bobbie Brown decided to add more! The formula consists of a mixture of pearls in a clear base + moisturizing ingredients (Vitamins C… Continue reading


If you have always wondered how to do the “smokey” eye look, then this is the most basic product as a beginner to use! This “eyelights” palette from SMASHBOX, known as “SMOKEBOX” consists… Continue reading

Prep + Prime

A must have beauty product : The product that is always out of stock MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder What is this loose powder used for? This silky finishing powder provides… Continue reading


I’m always on a mission to find the best Foundation. I try almost any foundation I see and compare it with the best. Once I write about it, then it means it’s tested… Continue reading


Hellllo! Sorry I havn’t wrote anything for a while now. I was on holiday in Spain!! I’m back and wanted to share some amazing new stuff I have got. NARS. Oh how much… Continue reading


Just about to head to the airport… but I heard that lot’s of people are checking out my blog & are asking about “eyeliner”! THE HARDEST TASK FOR A WOMAN. I will write… Continue reading

#2 Makeup Mistake: Choosing the wrong foundation TYPE

So, not only your colour should be right (previous post), but the type you choose must suit your skin tone. If the foundation is too thick: Your skin might break out! If the… Continue reading


Most women do not test their foundation colour before buying it. You don’t want a foundation colour that is darker or lighter than your skin colour. You must test it, but NOT on… Continue reading

Primed and Poreless

I have found this amazing “matte” makeup primer from Too Faced, which achieves the look of flawless skin. It is formulated to be worn under bronzers or foundation powders/liquids. With Vitamins A+ C… Continue reading

The essential Palette

Another amazing find by CARGO! A cute little packaged eye shadow palette. The colours in this palette are sooooo natural.  If you are looking for the au-natural look + you can’t figure out… Continue reading

MAC’s Combination for the Natural Eye

I have been receiving a lot of questions about MAC’s neutral eyeshadows. Here’s the answer. Ask MAC for their 4 piece shadow compact palette. And fill them in with- Kid, Malt, Orb and… Continue reading

Eye primer

Is Eye primer important? YES IT IS! What an eye primer does: makes your eyeshadow last, more vibrant colour & doesn’t allow the eyeshadow to crease. 2 products I’ve tried ( after hearing… Continue reading

Enhance your bronzer…

So you apply your bronzer. WAITTTTTTT… Enhance it more…  Add this: It is a cool product from a brand called “TOO FACED”—sold only in SEPHORA (Middle East). This Pure Bronze Mineral Bronzer consists… Continue reading

How to properly apply bronzer?

This requires strategy. It is not hard, but you must be aware of the key zones on your face that you have to focus on. Remember, blending is the critical step to pull… Continue reading


FINALLY! I got a hold of the NAKED Palette from URBAN DECAY! I’m so excited to try it out. Heard rave reviews about it, makeup artists talking about it nonstop. This eyeshadow palette… Continue reading


CARGO — The majority of you haven’t heard about this company. It’s a Canadian cosmetic line, in which product cases are made from renewable resource & easy biodegradable products. In the Middle East, it… Continue reading

Mac Semi Precious Collection for Summer 2011

MAC never stop with their collections! This is the 3rd collection arriving within those three months! This collection is ofcorse,  LIMITED EDITION! This dazzling new collection, with “gem-like” colours will make you shine.… Continue reading

Bobbi Brown – Tortoise Shell Collection

The Tortoise Collection conveys beautiful colours. They are the perfect “AUTUMN” colours. Stunning eyeshadows that range from gold to bronze to espresso, all placed in cute tortoise shell compacts with some gold detailing.… Continue reading

Understanding Multi-coloured correcting concealers

Yes I know. You have never used those colours. A green concealer? A purple one too? WHAT? We all use the “beige” concelear, & have no clue what the other colours are for!… Continue reading

Chanel Fall 2011- Illusion D’Ombres Collection

Let’s skip the summer season & move on to the fall shall we? Chanel is ready to launch this collection, full of shimmery, seductive, Mesmerizing shades. This unique collection features some darker shades… Continue reading

My top 10 MAC lipsticks

I recieved a lot of requests for “top lipsticks” & I am only able to do it with MAC lipsticks. Nothing tops them. You find a good lipstick from another cosmetic brand every once… Continue reading

A Tinier Forehead

If you have a slightly huge forehead and don’t have bangs, then bronzer is the godsend solution. Reach for any matte bronzer (not shimmery) and a big powder brush. Bronzing your forehead area… Continue reading

Finally, a proper mascara for the bottom lashes!

Most of you might skip the bottom lashes part when applying mascara. You’ll just apply on your top lashes & stop. You must keep in mind that the bottom lashes are as important… Continue reading

BBB: Best of Bobbie Brown

I feel that Bobbie Brown’s cosmetic line is extremely different than MAC’. It seems to focus on neutral shades & a more natural look. I personally love those 2 products: 1. Pot rouge… Continue reading

Set your makeup: MAC Fix+ Vs. Makeup4ever Mist Fix Vs. Dew Me

MAC’s Fix +spray is an aqua spritz of vitamin & minerals with a blend of green tea/chamomile/ & cucumber. What this product does is that it adds radiance + finishes your look. You… Continue reading

MAC Glamglass Collection

MAC will be launching the MAC Glamglass collection soon! Amazing newly formulated lip glosses with intense colours + 8 luscious lip pencils. It will launch internationally August 2011!

Top 6 Red lipsticks

It’s very hard to pick the red lipstick that best suits you. I have done my share of research and I’m in love with those 6 lipsticks! You have to keep in mind… Continue reading

Recycle your makeup… Back to MAC program

MAC cosmetics has a great recycling program “Back2MAC” where you can bring 6 used MAC products to them and receive a free lipstick. You can recycle your product whether it was full or… Continue reading

The 4 must have brushes (for the eye area)

There are hundreds of brushes out there, making it very hard to decide which ones to get.  I have narrowed it down to the most important 4 brushes for the eye area. All… Continue reading


We are always used to buying the powdered eyeshadow over & over again. I always pass by the “creamy eyeshadow” section never understanding anything about them. I decided to get a couple, and… Continue reading

Clean Up Time…

We are all lazy by nature. It’s 11 pm, time for bed, and you are really not in the mood to remove your makeup. It’s a long process! But try to force yourself… Continue reading

Pot Rouge

Bobbie Brown’s pot rouge for lips & cheeks is just fantastic. My best 2 colours are “Calypso Coral”  & “Pale Pink”. You can use it for both your lips & cheeks. So easy… Continue reading

MAC Colourizations Collections for FALL 2011

Launch date for all international MAC stores (Aug 4,2011) Very interesting Duos.. with 2 unexpected shades combined called –> MAC double features. Just as summer fades away, they will be introduced. 8 Pairs… Continue reading