Carbon Black

I have never experienced a darker EYE PENCIL LINER (inner lid of eyes/kohl) such as Arcancil’s black kohl. Its’ carbon black composed pigments won’t fail for 10 hours. It’s made out of natural… Continue reading

The slimming Effect

Contouring… The one thing I still struggle with. Many girls don’t do it, but it’s essential as it creates a sense of balance & adds dimension to your makeup. It is usually applied… Continue reading


I know I have gone mad when I did this, but it is really helping me out. Custom made with my own dimensions… I can’t live without it. Sometimes my husband thinks I’m… Continue reading


Tip: After applying your eyeshadow + eyeliner+ mascara etc., a great way to complete that look is to highlight the brow bone. A particular eyeshadow from MAC, “SHROOM” gives a satin finish. It… Continue reading


My previous posts have been focusing on the face, and not the eyes, more specifically the eyeshadow. The lighter the color the more natural it is. We have all tried the dark eyeshadows,… Continue reading

The Flick ‘ ‘ ‘

The hardest part in make-up history is the eyeliner cat eyes “flick”. I’ve had major issues trying to perfect it, and it took me a year to learn. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE is the… Continue reading


As I recommended in my previous posts, Makeup4ever’s mat velvet foundation is excellent for daily & light use. However, if you are going to a party/wedding or any other special occasion, a heavier… Continue reading

Your Brows: Shape-em-up !!

Tweezing/waxing/shaping/threading your brows are NOT the only things you can do with them. Sometimes, even after proper makeup, they will look (BLAH)… with some patches from a tweezing gone wrong… or even their… Continue reading

The solution for longer wear

Put on your makeup without a cream base or serum primer base and it’s all going to fade out in 2-3 hours. Prepping your face before makeup with a cream that best suits… Continue reading


After COLOURING my whole face, shimmer is the one thing I have to apply on the sides of my face (top part of cheeks cornering the eyes). Apply your blush, and then apply… Continue reading

Dramatic enough!

Mascara Mascara Mascara… Tried 875,546,658,341,002 tubes just to find the perfect one. And I found it. Congratulations Mai! Tried the Bobbie Brown, MAC’s, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Loreal, Sephora, Etc. And then I met… Continue reading

The St. Tropez face

Every summer, when I get really tanned, I stock up on St. Tropez’s Gradual tan for the Face. (2 shades) If you have built your natural tan, and want to maintain it for… Continue reading

The Beauty of the White Eyeliner

Whenever we think white kohl we go “Oh no, it’ll make me look scary so I’ll stick with the usual …Black”. Most people don’t realize just how great white eyeliner can be. It… Continue reading


Always be prepared. On your vanity, it’s essential to have the following Must have: – Your cotton pads to wipe off any mistakes – Triangular sponges + a round sponge (for more control)… Continue reading

Red Alert

Many girls have asked me, when applying red lipstick, why their lipstick doesn’t stay long enough or why it’s just not perfect. The answer to this is always use a ‘lip liner’ (red)… Continue reading

Summery Blush

Summer is here, and with the perfect tan or a bronzed look, you’de want a shimmery tannish blush to top off your skinfinished powdered face. I am crazy head over heels with those… Continue reading


Collagen aside, an excellent way of plumping up your lips NATURALLY, and just for a couple of hours is using SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lip gloss from Soap and Glory. You can find this at… Continue reading

The Finishing Effect

I know most of you just apply foundation, bronzer on the side, top it off with a little blush and go! Well… Not so fast! If you havn’t done what I’m about to… Continue reading


The following brushes are the most important 3 brushes you must have to perfect your face. Ofcourse, you’ll have 10 other brushes on your vanity, but those 3 are a must have. They… Continue reading

Bronzed Beauty

HOOLA. One word. HOOLA, is the perfect bronzing powder. This matte bronzing powder from Benefit will brighten up your palest complexions, giving you a gorgeous glowing tan! A mini brush is provided for you… Continue reading

Can’t live without it! Your perfect BASE

Once you try it, you’ll get addicted! Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Plus Matifying Foundation (comes in different shades), is very versatile and long lasting! Gives you a light and matte coverage. Comparing it with… Continue reading