Great Drugstore Mascaras to buy

Drugstore brands are fantastic to use! Don’t think that since they are cheaper in price then it might be low in quality.

Mascaras are one of the mostly used products on a daily basis- whether you have heavy or light makeup on.

I have posted below 6 favorite drugstore mascaras that you can get which range between 4 BD to 10 BD ( $10 to $ 26)



Each and every one of those are different and unique in it’s own way. Some of them focus on curling, while others on extreme lengthening etc.


Mascara names (if you can’t read my handwriting) :

Loreal -Volume Million Lashes

Barry M -Lash Modelling

Kiko- Unforgettable Mascara

Flormar- Turbo Boost

Revlon- Grow Luscious

No 7- Exquisite curl