Red velvet: Blood red lips

Looking for Blood Red Mattified lips?

Then you have to get this!


It’s called “RED VELVET” from the line VELVETINES from the brand LIME CRIME.

Basically, they are liquid lipsticks which have a matte finish once they are dry. It is waterproof and long long long wear. This shade is cool-toned, which means it has a bit of blue in the mix.

I’m in love with this shade, and whenever I wear it I get asked about it. It really grabs attention. It is super smooth in application and what I loved about it is how it doesn’t have a thick consistency. The finish is simply beautiful- and the color payoff is WOW! It does feel like VELVET!


This color is more blood red. After applying wait 30 seconds and it will dry.

You have to keep in mind that this product might look different on various lips. Whenever I apply it I sort of get the same color in the picture below.


Some used it and got a different lighter red. So, it might differ from one person to another.

I really suggest you swipe the tube’s rim before applying as it is very concentrated and you don’t want too much. You can even apply a few layers (but it might crack).



I got mine from