EOS lip balm: Not so friendly after all

We are all crazy about the EOS lip balms… Super cute packaging and amazing flavors!



I was a huge fan of the EOS balms! I have them in a variety of flavors!

The EOS lip balms were amazing for the first 3 months….. But then…..


My lips starts to feel an intense burning sensation, the lining of my lips cracked and became super dry, it seemed like an allergic reaction to it/sensitivity. It looked like a rash with red bumps all over. They started to peel & become super chapped.

First I thought it had nothing to do with the EOS lip balm. It might have been something I ate. After that I have stopped using it and noticed how my lips returned to normal after healing. I have then used a different flavour of the EOS balm. Again with the reaction.

Everytime I use it my lips look infected! I was shocked! It was friendly at start!

Then I started to research more about it, to see if any one else was having this problem. I was shocked by the results.

A LOT OF PEOPLE HAD THE SAME REACTION I DID!! Thousands of people were complaining about this problem!

Below are pictures of pictures from other blogs of reactions to the EOS lipbalm, and a reply of EOS to a person’s status on facebook claiming all ingredients are natural.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 5.43.09 PM

My lips looked very similar to the ones in the photos below!


We got fooled by the packaging and how cute it looks and how good it smells!


So, farewell EOS. I’m never using you again