GLAMOUR 101 by Lime Crime

Not sure if you have heard about this brand before, but it’s called “Lime Crime” and it is known for having great care in ensuring their products are cruelty free, vegan and not tested on animals.


The shade is called “GLAMOUR 101”


Got this beautiful color, a red lipstick – Yes I AM A HUGE FAN OF RED LIPSTICKS!

There is a lot of controversy about this lipstick on the internet- but I’m going to state my honest opinion about it.


The lipstick comes in a super cute pink packaging with a glittery unicorn.


COLOR: I believe it is a deep retro red. Also, I can describe it as blood red. The color is very rich. I think it does have brown in it but also blue undertones as well (blue works great to give u whiter teeth). The color shows instantly. You need to keep in mind that this lipstick is OPAQUE. This means that it has a slight purple sheen to it. That really shows because the red settles into a a beautiful wine color- so it can be a mix of red and dark purple. Yet it looks like a blood red. Can’t explain it properly but the lipstick gives off a variety of shades.


TEXTURE: Super smooth,creamy,  glides easily, has some shine (but not over shiny). Super pigmented and lasts long. Non Drying.

LONGEVITY: Yes, it lasts (if you don’t eat). But keep in mind that they do stain the lips, so if they fade you’ll see the stain (I like that because it has a base at least).


See below for the swatch of how it looks on skin. It does look different on lips though.


See below a comparison with other lipsticks of the same shade range. Keep in mind that this photo is taken with a flash- so colors look slightly brighter


I got mine from