My review: BB CREAM by Bassam Fattouh

As promised, I wanted to review the latest bb cream in the market- by Bassam Fattouh.


This bb cream has been recently launched in the middle east. It comes in 2 shades “Beige” & “Doree”

The beige is lighter in terms of color and doree is for medium tones to tanned skin.

This bb cream is simply amazing, I only wish it came in 1 more color ( dark) for those with a darker skin tone.


I’m impressed with everything about this bb cream.

It does cover beautifully yet it looks natural. It is very hydrating & results in a super smooth texture. The bottle states “baby skin” and yes- it does give you super smooth baby skin!

The color “doree” suited me perfectly. Once I blend, I noticed how my skin got smoother and slightly blurred out imperfections.

The thing I liked most about this lightweight product is the texture. I have tried a gazillion bb creams by other brands, many of them are glowy ( and I have oily skin)- they tend to make my skin look oilier and sticky. The Bassam Fattouh bb cream stands out among them as it changes to demi matte ( half matte half glow)! It looks like skin, without that over the top shine like other creams.

See the pictures below ( application, spreading out then blended)



IMG_0181Notice the picture above (it is beautiful once blended)!! I have not edited the picture- I wanted you to notice how it really looks like on skin, and I used a professional camera.

Also, I’m very pleased with the tones of the this shade. Many of the bb creams out there have a pinkish tone- which doesn’t work well with yellow skin tones. I have a yellow skin tone and the doree shade works perfectly with it!

I absolutely love it! It will be on the top of the bb cream list

In Bahrain, you can purchase it from Jashenmal, Vavavoom & Debenhams