Rouge Dior 169 Grege 1947

Rouge Dior celebrates it’s 60th anniversary this year. This amazing collection re-invents itself with new shades, different sleeker packages and an enhanced formula.


The new Rouge Dior lipsticks renews lip cells, plumps & include hyaluronic acid and light reflecting particles which help in the color. It has 4 different shade categories: pinks, reds, beig & corals. The collection also carries lip liners & nail polishes. See below some of the different shades.

   Rouge-Dior-Lipstick-028-169-277-361-365 Rouge-Dior-Lipstick-434-468-526-532-539 Rouge-Dior-Lipstick-565-644-671-743-765 Rouge-Dior-Lipstick-766-775-786-813-844 Rouge-Dior-Lipstick-890-941-958-988-999


The shade I have is  “169 Grege 1947”. I would describe it as a natural beige. The texture of these lipsticks are super super smooth & super soft. They are very moisturizing. I have super chapped dry lips and this lipstick goes on like butter. The color is in between nude and coral. It does really brighten up the complexion. I loved how it is not very nude/beige which tends to make your face very pale.

The color is inspired by Dior’s famous Bar Suit jacket in 1947


With lipsticks I tend to apply a lip conditioner first (since I have dry lips), but with this- I didn’t have to because it is super hydrating.

I  do need to reapply it though throughout the day.