Are lip liners important?


Sometimes, there is barely any time to apply lip liners, so we just apply lipstick super quickly …. and an hour later it’s gone. Worn off.  With an outline around the lips going outwards.

Yes, that is because we skipped the lip liner.

Lip liners are super important, especially when you are going with a red lipstick. Your red lipstick tends to bleed into the skin, so a red lip liner helps it not seep into your skin.

With any lip liner, make sure you line your lips then fill them in… then apply your lipstick. Filling them in with a liner helps hold the lipstick & creates a base in case your lipstick wears off.

I also love to use a lip liner on its own, without any lipstick! Sometimes it looks more natural with just a liner filled in as a lipstick.