Had a fantastic facial- one that i have not tried before!
It is called “INTRACEUTICAL OPULENCE OXYGEN FACIAL” and i got it done @dermacare !

You will see better results within days (according to )

you have 2 options with this facial- you either choose the “Opulence” or “Rejuvenation”


The Opulence treatment is very soothing and very relaxing. You can get it done for any skin type. The opulence focuses on brightening your skin and giving you a luminous glow. If you have uneven skin tone and pigmentation it can really help. It makes it look extra super fresh- you’ll notice the difference instantly. They did the right side first so I can compare it with the left.
What amazed me was how it lifts your brow bone slightly and plumps your lip. It makes it look better.

My skin felt super extra soft & firm.

The Rejuvenate treatment is a non invasive treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration. So, for people over 30/35, this helps.

How it works is what surprised me! First, they apply the serum- which includes a combination of vitamins, antioxidants & brighteners. It also includes hyaluronic acid (helps firm the skin and reduce fine lines)

Then, they would use an airbrush gun (yes, just like the one in makeup) with oxygen and spray it on every single area on your face.


Oxygen helps cool the skin, calms the skin and takes the serum in the skin. This is repeated a few times with the different serums.


You have to see this short video to understand how oxygen goes into the skin

It is amazing how the oxygen goes into the skin!
There are also packages of 5 sessions that you can get and use in a weekly basis.

To book your facial, contact +973 17008899 or visit DERMACARE in AL NOOR SPECIALIST HOSPITAL