ELDAN Eye serum

ELDAN is an Italian brand which has a main focus of skincare.

This “Eye Serum” from Eldan is an innovative product that prevents darkness around eyes, attenuates to wrinkles and works on the eye contour. It claims to create firmness.

IMG_0304 IMG_0305

To be honest, I don’t have darkness under my eyes, so I can’t judge with relation to darkness.

However, I have been using it for the past 3 days and have noticed a difference in the eye contour & firmness. The area around my eye is extremely firm and supple. It works great underneath makeup and even on its own.

Any form of serum/liquid works in penetrating the skin more than creams.


It dries up quickly – so you can apply makeup afterwards.

You can use it day and night, just apply a drop or two on your hand. Then gently pat with your finger around and under your eyes.


You can get Eldan skincare from the official distributor in Bahrain, Instagram : Beautysecrets70