Nude pencil liners: Which ones to get?

You all know me – I’m a huge fan of nude pencil liners- and I constantly talk about them in my classes & on social media!

Nude liners are soooo in & I believe they will always stay part of the trend- no matter what year it is!

Nude pencils

Brighten your eye, opens your eye, removes redness & tiredness, defines the eye naturally & suits all eye types!


There are a limited number of brands for nude liners- compared to the white liners. White are available in majority of brands ( they are nice but don’t suit everyone).

The most common nude liners are from the following brands



Chanel 69 clair

NARS “Rue Bonaparte”

Dolce & Gabbana #9

Max Factor “090 Natural Glaze”

Each pencil liner is different than the other

Chanel “CLAIR” 69: a very natural color- very nude- not too pink and not white. Perfectly in the middle. It stays well on my eye, but if you have watery eyes it might not stick as well. It is the most natural color out of all. I suggest you apply it a few times and not just once. It is $$$ though

MaxFactor “090 Natural Glaze”: It is very affordable- the least expensive out of the list- It is very pigmented, the color is not very beige, but it has a hint of white & pink with it as well. I absolutely love the quality of this pencil, it stays really well!

NARS “Rue Bonaparte”: a soft beige shade- the color is the most vibrant out of all the others. It is intense. It is very beige though (no white or pink). I also noticed that it is the creamiest out of all as well.

Dolce & Gabbana #9: Beautiful color, has a nude pink color, very pigmented, and very natural.


Another good one Makeupforever 23L (which i don’t have currently with me on holiday to show you)

Girls, advice- switch to nude pencils instead of black all the time! Always black , black , black- it’s too defined & intense for daily use