#122 Brush- Make Up For Ever (NEW)

This brush is the “Blending Powder Brush”



It has long hairs with a mix of straight & wavy fibres. Now keep in mind- wavy is not animal hair. It is still synthetic but made in a way that looks like animal hair to pick up powder! It also works with liquids.

You can use it to apply your foundation & buff it into your skin. Apply blush with it, highlight & even powder!

FACT: this brush is nicknamed “PUNK” ! It was discovered in the 1980’s by Jacques Waneph- Dany Sanz’s husband!


The brush is a newer version of the MUFE 55N brush. In MAC it is known as 187, and Sigma F50


Also, the makeup forever brushes have an amazing tip at the end of the brush handle. Notice the it has a slanted pointy tip- this helps to tuck in your the false lash & also used as a spatula (to mix products and scrape them from the packaging).