Blue Primer: Learn how it can be super helpful

Im sure you have seen a blue primer in store shelves and wondered what it does.

Well it does color correct your skin- by adding radiance to fair skin and reduces minor imperfections


I’m talking about the Make Up For Ever HD micro perfecting primer #5 BLUE – or any other brand that has a blue primer.



However, not many of you might know how a blue primer can work- other than color correcting- it actually does help with your foundation color!

Lets say your foundation is too dark- instead of buying a new one (which is lighter)- keep a blue primer handy and mix a bit to lighten the foundation! It is one of the most used tricks in makeup artistry to help lighten foundations!

See below to see how the color changes!

I used a darker foundation here, then mixed some blue primer- then it became lighter. Every time you add more blue it lightens more.