My Review: Garnier’s tinted eye roll on

My new best friend- something for a daily routine that would help a lot of you out I’m sure!


Meet the amazing Garnier tinted eye roll on ….

This product is basically a light formula focused only for the eye area- with a formula similar to a tinted moisturizer…


It has ingredients such as Caffeine & lemon… that help with reducing dark circles

I’m loving how light coverage this product is- since it is very light in formula, it is fantastic for those who are fans of bb creams (instead of a heavy morning foundation)! I really recommend using this after applying your bb cream all over to reduce puffiness and brighten up your eyes.

In some countries you would find 4 shades, but in the middleast you’ll find two (light & medium). I’m using medium, and the color suits perfectly- it gets absorbed very quick… but make sure to dab it with your fingers.


The product comes as a roll on pen, with a metal ball to roll on your skin. The metal ball is cold, which gives your eye area a mini massage daily when rolled with. It really brightened my eye area and made it look more fresh! It reduces puffy tired eyes.



As for the price- it is not expensive at all!! Very affordable 🙂

I wouldn’t use this product with a heavy foundation or for people who want full coverage. This doesn’t give you full cover- it is for people who are on the go- or even for those who barely apply makeup & just want to brighten the eye area without making it look grey.

This product can be found in major supermarkets & pharmacies