My Review: Hydra Veil by Illamasqua

Finally- an illamasqua product that focuses on skincare!

Hydra veil is basically a pot with a gel based formula made to super hydrate your face and provide a strong base underneath your makeup.


You will notice that the gel looks black (due to the packaging color) but it is actually clear/transparent. It looks like Jell-o !


What is fantastic about this product is that it is a mix between a moisturizer & a primer- a 2 in 1 product- to make your life easier.

I have tried and tested it- it really does hydrate my skin! I have applied it on one side of my face only to see the difference. The hydrated area with hydra veil stayed super smooth and supple for up to 5 hours! A normal moisturizer won’t give you such smoothness for a long time.


It didn’t feel greasy or anything and it dries down quick. You might feel it a bit sticky for 30 seconds or so- but then it will dry off. If you have super oily skin you can apply a primer on top of that or underneath- as i noticed it doesn’t remove the oils completely – just primes the face for the longevity of makeup. Some reviews claim that it gave them a tingly sensation on any dry patches they have- I wont be able to verify that as my skin is not dry- So the results do differ with different skin types! I did realize however that my foundation looked a lot smoother!

This pot comes with a mini spoon (for hygienic reasons) –


Keep in mind that once u mix the gel based formula it will change in shape but it will go back to shape for next time! It is exciting to try a gel based formula as you feel bored with every other brand with cream based formulas- so this is something new!


Below are some interesting facts about hydra veil that you might not know:

* it helps stop the foundation from separating & creasing

* gel formulas have micro particles that can go deeper and quicker into your skin than other types. It really helps in plumping your skin, giving it a more luminous glow

* it has “collagen” which helps produce elasticity to make your skin smoother and firmer.


The hydra veil is available from or your nearest illamasqua store