The Ben Nye Banana Powder: Why the chaos?


Ben Nye brand describes it as : ” Formerly known as Visage Poudre Luxury Powders, these ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. The Ben Nye Bella line of powders are translucent with just a hint of color.”


The powder has a non sparkly/shimmery finish. It is completely matte. It’s called banana powder- but NO- it doesn’t smell like bananas!

Why is it yellow?

All translucent powders are white in color- but this translucent powder is yellow because it helps preventing your skin from looking ashy. If you have a medium color skin tone or olive or darker it would suite you best. It does suit those with fair (lighter skin) too. What you will love about this is that when you get photographed wearing it- you won’t see any white blotches like other translucent powders.


This translucent powder blends flawlessly. Also, anything that is translucent will work well on oily skin as it doesn’t change in color (darken) with the oil secretion from your t-zone.


You can use it as a powder on top of liquid foundation to help it set. It will control the shine, doesn’t really change your foundation color much ( it does tend to make fairer skin to look weird & yellow), has no perfume in it.

But I believe the main use – which a lot of makeup artists use it for is- Highlighting as in part of contouring! I always use it for that- after a lot of practice- I have mastered it and It is very natural!

I’m sure you have seen Kim Kardashian’s contouring pictures- her makeup artists use this a lot on her! It helps in setting the concealer and brightening it up naturally.

It is the perfect powder to highlight and bring out those areas out in the face. When contouring, I believe you need to highlight in order to contrast between the light and dark areas. See below to know where to highlight (white areas). I recommend keeping the yellow powder on your face for a few minutes before you blend it off with a brush.



The thing I hated about this powder is the packaging/ container. Instead of dipping your brush you have to use it like a baby/talc powder.


So you would have to use it on a plate or something then take it from there. When I contour- I use it with these triangular sponges.


The banana powder is affordable- you can order it from many websites online.