Tested out body shop’s all-in-one bb cream ( not the COOL VITAMIN E) one, so don’t confused. I must say- i’m really impressed with this tiny tube!


This bb cream comes in 3 different shades, and as you can see, I got the light (#1)- although it says light for lighter skin tones- i’m olive skin and i believe it matched mine! This beautiful bb cream gives you super intense hydration! So if you have super dry skin this will work great for you. It gives you a beautiful healthy glow (but doesn’t look too oily like other bb creams).


It is light to medium coverage, so It does cover up tiny blemishes but if you have a lot of imperfections- go with a foundation for fuller coverage. It is not as thick as Asian bb creams or some other bb’s in the market. It is similar to a tinted moisturizer, but I love who it makes the skin look very healthy! What’s good about this cream is that it has ANTI-AGEING ingredients- which many other bb creams lack!


What you will be surprised with this bb cream is that when you first apply it- it will look white… and you’ll say OH NO ITS TOO LIGHT WHY??


Just wait…

This special formula is transformable- it changes from a white creamy color to suit your skin tone.

When the cream is applied to the skin and is massaged into the skin it releases pigments with bursts of color. It adapts to your skin tone and it really amazed me to how it detects your skin color- my hand is slightly darker than my face- so when I applied it on my face- it suited it, and then on my darker hand it adapted to it and suited it too! Wow!


Below is a picture of working it to my skin


And it is completely blended- looks fresher! It even hid some open pores/hair follicles


What I love about it is that it is makeup and skincare mixed together- it really hydrates the skin! It also focuses on your dull area and brightens it and freshens it too- Worked on me 100%

Just to show you that there is color to it-


Keep in mind that this product does NOT contain any sun protection- so I suggest applying a moisturizer with SPF underneath. It does have a very light fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin just check it first (test patch) before buying.

I just think that the packaging is quite small- I wish it was slightly bigger.