Battle of the Gel liners: Who wins?

We are always – constantly – in the search for the best gel eyeliner- in terms of which one has the highest staying power and which one is super black and which one is super creamy!

Well, i’m making life much easier for u girls- see below for my little test (and below you will find out who wins!)

So I have the following eyeliners (the most common ones you hear about)


Bobbi Brown (Black ink)

MAC (Blacktrack)

Maybelline (eye studio gel in Black)

Inglot (#77)

Makeup for Ever (#27)


Below is also a picture of them being swatched on paper – I wanted to see which one will actually look dry…


And you will realize MAC and Bobbi brown are the driest… They are very creamy when you first open them, but over a few weeks they just die out.

Next is a hand swatch to see which is the most creamiest and darkest


You will realize that both MAC & Bobbi brown are not the darkest (other than being dry)… You will realize that Mayeblline, Inglot and Makeupforever are among the darkest ! Those 3 were also the creamiest! Makeup forever and Inglot were super super super creamy, so was maybelline but slightly less.

The last test below was to test which one stays the longest and is actually smudge proof! To test that, i decided to remove them from my hand using a makeup remover and guess what ….


Bobbi brown & MAC were the first to get removed…. Followed by makeup forever (which they claim to be waterproof)- I realized if u kept MUFE an hour or so It would be very hard to remove as I tested that before on my eyes. Maybelline stayed…. and shockingly INGLOT remained the same- BULLET PROOF!


I would definetly stick to those 3 (INGLOT, maybelline & MUFE). Inglot if you want it to stay smudge free and super dark, maybeline and MUFE if you want something creamy yet still dark… MAC and bobbie- doesn’t reach to the other’s standards!