So as you have all heard from the chaos in the beauty world regarding this glove- I have finally received it and I’m excited to review it for u!


For those who want to order it- click on SIGMA BEAUTY and they do deliver worldwide. If you have a US forwarding address, it would be faster !

As you all know, the Sigma Spa Glove is very quick and effective way to help deep clean your brushes! It is super unique- never produced before- with different textures and surfaces to help in removing makeup & dirt from your brushes with only very little shampoo.

You know that I teach classes, and I have a gazillion brushes to wash every few days… This is a lifesaver! To be honest the palm on my left hand is super dry from washing the brushes on it with soap… It’s time to give it a break once and for all!
The glove is DOUBLE SIDED– FYI.. One side is totally different than the other side.
One side is mainly for FACE brushes. The other is for EYE brushes & other smaller ones.
The 6 unique cleaning textures are below
So let us test drive this glove and see how it works. I will list the pros and cons as I go along!
So here is the step by step illustration of how to actually wash your brushes- it’s important to read the steps or else you’ll get a bit confused!
When I first wanted to clean the brushes I decided to was the face brushes, so I wore the glove on my left hand.. I’m right handed so cleaning brushes would be easier for me this way… It is when I got to the eye brushes and I had to flip the glove it got very hard for me as I really can’t use my left hand to wash the brushes with! This is the only disadvantage with the glove! I guess I will clean All brush types with this side (FACE) as it is easier for me!
These brushes are dirty so I decided to wash them
So here is how to clean the FACE brushes!
The different textures is a THUMBS UP for sigma beauty! So smart to do that to actually clean in between the different hairs.
The refining part is great! It is small little dots which help remove excess soap and excess dirt in between the brushes!
Here is how to clean the EYE brushes (flip glove)
It was a little hard for me to clean the eye brushes, as I said earlier, had to flip the glove- but If it seems hard to do so you can just clean it in the face side!
I absolutely love the last part- SHAPING the brushes!!! It saves a lot of time and shapes them soooooo perfectly! Especially for those eye brushes (blending) it helps me out a lot to shape them up! Gotta shape them or else they’ll dry supper puffed!
I really recommend you to buy this glove- whether you have 5 brushes or 500! It is a must have and it is a super helpful product- health wise as it will protect your palm/hand from washing and shampoo- and saves you the time of shaping!
You can order yours from SIGMA BEAUTY !