MY REVIEW: Chanel Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder

Everyone’s talking about the new highlighter from the Chanel Spring 2013 ” Printemps Precieux de Chanel ” Collection. The collection holds this beautiful illuminating powder/highlighter which is of corse limited edition. It is a sheer powder which reflects light delicately.


The packaging comes in a velvet pouch and a little spongy applicator (which I’m not going to use).


Once opened, the product is beyond gorgeous. The powder is embossed with CHANEL emblems, big and small. Also, you will see other symbols like Coco Chanel’s camellia blossom, lipsticks, lipgloss, and fragrance bottles. Very creative & super detailed.


The color looks like a combination of colors. It seems golden. It seems pinkish. It seems silver. It seems pale beige. It seems beigey peach. It is a combination of all these colors. Others have reviewed it to have an oyster color. The texture is actually very smooth. I swatches and tested to compare it with other highlighters from MAC and I will tell you this- CHANEL’s texture is super smooth when I tested it using my fingers.


The powder results in a soft yet warm glow that is not very shimmery or frosty. like many other highlighters. I love how it is not very shimmery- it’s subtle yet it shows a beautiful luminescent glow. The pigmentation is very high ( i didn’t expect it to pick up that much) but it is highly buildable! By patting it with a brush onto the skin it will build up more and more.

When you apply it you will not see it much unless light is reflected on – you will then see it- pretty much like all other highlighters. It lasts for around 4-5 hours unless you sprayed a fixante on top to not make it move.

I personally don’t recommend this highlighting powder for darker skin tones as it might turn ashy.

See my comparisons below with MAC’s highlighters (which are more toward’s golden) but I had to show it compared to soft & gentle (the famous highlighter) so you can see the difference. The MAC ones are frosty in terms of texture!



The picture below shows how the product looks on your hand in comparison to the MAC products- You can see how it doesn’t look too gold!


Why would girls spend 32 BD on this powder? Well, I personally liked it because it wasn’t chalky or too powdery and it blends well with the skin/foundation. It is not very obvious like others. I also love how it is a mix of silver and gold- not just gold! The hint of silver in it makes it stand out. It glows beautifully and I can’t be any happier!