Testimonials: What my students think about my classes

I have taught many girls… and here is some of their feedback on my class!

Before attending your class I thought I knew what’s needed to be known about the basics of makeup, but through the class I discovered that I was wrong, I only knew 5% of the basics. I was interested in makeup before the class but the problem was I didn’t know what products to use or how to apply it perfectly so by attending the class I became obsessed with makeup because I learned what products are good for my face and the perfect way to apply it (the right tricks). With the right products and the valuable information after the class, I went crazy and started buying every product you said I needed from brushes to foundation to lipsticks. Now I feel much more confident when wearing my makeup and I just can’t get enough of makeup. Its been one of the best experiences, thanks a lot Mai !


I attended  the basic class only  and I can’t wait till I get to do the advanced class ! I went into the class expecting to learn just one or two new things, but I was shocked when i noticed that I wrote a lot of notes! The class was amazing and everything was very clear and detailed. I learned so many new things and I bought products that I never thought of buying that turned out to be very useful !!  The class was well organized and any questions we had were answered. The one thing which I think is insane is the price !! I didn’t expect to learn so much with just that amount of money ! It is definitely worth it to go to the classes.. I guarantee that each person will learn something new !!


I used to have my daily light tinted sun protection / blusher / eyeliner pen or Gel / Mascara and I am done with a lip stick, that’s it. I am now an addict to how to take care of my skin not makeup; attending TheMakeupManual’s basic workshop accidentally but I NEVER REGRET attending with my friends, as we all were following the TheMakeupManual Instgram’s page and I want to learn how to do my own makeup, I always ended up unhappy when someone else does it for me. The atmosphere was SUPER AMAZING, wonderful .. and believe me it makes me think of all kind of beauty, I was totally in love with the place. Mai is a sweetheart and a very lovely passionate girl. I attended both the basic and advanced classes, and I have to say I loved the way she is super organized / On time / the handouts / how she covers every single thing in details. I never knew that I should use primers! Or how to choose the right foundation color or even powders .. I use makeup so differently after attending the basic class (IN A WAY IAM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH) plus after attending both the basic and advance classes I do my evening makeup with a SMILE. And I have to add that after attending the TheMakeupManual’s classes I know exactly what I need to buy and use- I don’t end up buying stuff I don’t need or use.


I attended both basics and advanced eye classes! It was a really good experience with both, i actually knew the basics when i came to ur class( as im a makeup artist in the progress) but still honestly your class is really useful, and you have a really good way of explaining things, and if any girl needs to know anything about makeup your class is all what they will need, you do cover every single thing which is great and omg for what price? So affordable not like those today who might not know everything but charge so high! Overall ur basics class is amazing and taught us everything with demonstration. Your advanced class was another amazing experience, so much fun and its good that we all practiced applying step by step, eveerything was cleaned, organised and was just great! U taught the techniques that can be used then used with different colors as well.

I also love how professional everything is from your instgram to your website and classes!


I had enjoyed and benefited a lot from attending your Basics and Advanced Classes.  The basics class solved the problem I used to have with making my make up last.  Thanks to you, I now have flawless looking skin that lasts the whole day.
 Advanced class was so much fun.  Learning the process of applying natural everyday looks and stunning occasion looks was extremely helpful.
Thank you very much Mai for introducing such class !!



I would like to thank you for the amazing class, it was magical.. I’m so looking forward for the advanced class..The class was perfect! from the huge amount of information, the setup, your personality.. the whole experience was amazing.. I really enjoyed every single bit..  Thank u.. thank u… and thank u


I took both classes,  and I wish there were more. You learn so much from the classes! There are people who were born to teach, Mai is one of those people who are born to teach makeup.  She is a great teacher by the way. The way she conveys  her lessons is too easy to follow and understand


I basically signed up for the basic class to be qualified to enter the advanced one. I had a good knowledge about the products you recommended in class and I used most of them before. But of course, there are certain techniques you mentioned that I didn’t know about. To tell you the truth, it took me a long time hesitating whether the class was going to be beneficial to me since I already use a lot of the products you are mentioning, but when I joined I regret all the time I wasted thinking!  I can’t wait to join the advanced classes, because I really want to focus on the application of makeup. And of course, can’t wait for the video tutorials.  Many thanks for your devotion in teaching us. All of my friends and family noticed how Bahraini girls improved their makeup! I’m guessing it’s all because of you 😉


I really enjoyed your class! I already knew the basics but I still loved it and enjoyed the way you explained things . I love the amazing girl “Mai”. I am glad I got the chance to attend her class and if there will be more i will Attend!
Also I feel more confident to apply makeup for people due to the good feedback I receive.


The class was so informative and detailed, now I can say I have a good knowledge of simple and natural daily makeup . I was doing a lot of things wrong things before 😦  Thanks for the tips ..  Once again thank you for the long but useful class. All the best and I look forward for the advanced class.


To be honest, I was looking forward to joining ur class but I didn’t really think I would learn soo much new stuff, since I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and read stuff about makeup, so when I actually attended the class I was surprised by the amount of new information I got out of it. I learned soo much about everything (makeup products, techniques, brushes and much more). And it really made a difference for me. I learned how to properly apply makeup and I got soo much compliments on my makeup ( I didn’t see that coming ). I bought some of the products which u recommended and the sigma brushes which I absolutely love!! Soo in the end, without ur makeup class I don’t think I would have ever been this good at it!! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER


I enjoyed your beginners class very much, it changed the way I applied makeup completely! I had to buy the brushes and products you mentioned. Thx a lot for your tips and help! I am so looking forward to the advanced class!


I really enjoyed your class it has benefited me so much! I started to notice the difference between my makeup before and after your class. The products you’ve mentioned were a great choice and it has improved my skin a lot.
I’m looking forward to attend the advance class. Thanks a lot Mai wish all the best and more success.


To me as a makeup addict and passionate I really enjoyed your class! I already knew the basics but I still loved it and enjoyed the way you explained things! I think it is very usefull for girls who have no idea on how to use makeup & iam glad I got the chance to attend your class! You inspired me  to do start doing something of my passion! Everything has a begining and has to start from somewhere right :D!


I would like to thank you very very very much for the valuable makeup class conducted by you. To be honest, in your class many things such as corrector, primer, toner were new to me as well as some brands! They were introduced to me for the first time. You have a very unique way in explaining, you capture your student’s attention and the way you teach is easy to understand because you’re not just applying but also telling us the theory behind what you do and why you’re doing it and who should do it! Since I attended your class, I saved a budget aside to buy some products which I really needed but never ever knew what I should go for! Thanks to you I bought all the essentials I need and since then, everybody kept telling me that I look different in a very good way! Informed them all that they MUST attend your class. Am loving it! Though I had exams when I attended your class, I believe it was the best thing I did at that time.


I honestly would like to thank Mai very much for her amazing make-up sessions.  I have learnt many things. The techniques that really helped me are the skin care and the basic methods before applying your make-up.  I felt welcomed and was very pleased with her explanation, including tiny details that were helpful when applied in daily life. I advice all women and ladies to attend this make-up class as it really helped me. I am optimistic about joining the advanced class well.
I attended the basics class. Mai is a very talented lady Mashallah , sweet , helpful. I really benefitted from the class especially when it came to the part of the corrector and primer. I also gained a lot of information regarding skin types and how to deal with it since I have an oily skin. Wish you all the best and success. Can’t wait to attend the advance class once I’m back from UK.


Basic class is a must for every girl out there.  I’m not someone that applies makeup everyday, i actually barley do, however the feeling that you have full control on the outcome once you do decide to apply makeup is an amazing feeling.  I never had the confidence to do it myself, seen people with very bad application techniques and always was afraid to join that crowd.  However, thanks to Mai, today I can simply apply a natural  look that enhances my beauty and gives me the extra effect i languor for.  I also love that she gave us tips for every style and updated us with the newest products out there, I was talking to my Friends and for the first time I was able to participate in makeup and beauty topics and actually give them some tips of my own LOL!


I only got to attend the basics class but I loved it! Mai taught us how to apply flawless makeup that enhances our natural beauty instead of changing our whole face and making us look like clowns. I took so many notes and still to this day reflect back on them when I want to buy a new product or if I forget what makeup brush I need to apply with what product. My makeup application wasn’t bad before this class but now thanks to her it is flawless. I’d recommend this to every girl out there because no matter how much you think you know about makeup, you will definitely learn MUCH more after attending Mai’s class.


I have gained a lot from your beginners class, i knew what makeup products I should buy (type and brand).
I have learned the basics and most important steps for applying makeup, before i attended your class i used to do it randomly by seeing what others do.
Basically now i know what i am doing with my face 🙂


First of all I want to thank you for all the information and help you have provided in your class.. Because of that I now know how to apply my make-up correctly, what product to purchase & what each of it does such as a corrector, foundation and concealer. I’m also enjoying to buy buying make-up now because when I go in the store I know what to get, before your class I used to get confused.. Again I would like to thank you for holding such a great and informative class.


I loved your class, it was very helpful to me to get to know the different products  and i bought a lot of the things u recommended and started applying makeup the correct way and believe it or not the other day a friend of mine noticed the change in my makeup and said there is a big diff it was nice before but she can see its much different now …i was so happy …i had to mention u to her thanks a lot looking forward for the advanced class!!!


I found flow and depth of information to be suitable for beginners, if there is anything that I would like to see in similar session would be a little practice with brushes. Otherwise, it was a very pleasant experience that I’m glad that I will repeat in the advance class next Sunday. Such class can only be taught by a nice and humble person like you Mai.


I attended both classes- In the basic class I loved how you covered every thing in details and step by step applications of make up. I would’ve loved attending a second class as a follow up on how to apply what we learned under your supervision.  The Advance class was a joy. It had a nice friendly atmosphere. Very useful class. I definitely recommend your classes for any one that loves makeup.