The Real Technique’s Blush Brush… Why is it great to have?

When it comes to applying blush, I always love using the cubby kabuki brushes as they help in a good grip via the small handle & helps me control the size of the blush!

I really dislike using the normal blush brushes with long handles- don’t ask me why- I just don’t.. maybe because many of them are not that super soft and the blush/cheek area is super sensitive!


The only blush brush that I absolutely love- with a long handle- is the REAL TECHNIQUE’s “Blush Brush” by Samantha Chapman – also known as Sam from Pixiwoo.

This blush brush is SIMPLY amazing.. I keep on buying more and more of it, one is never enough for me! I believe it has to do with the hairs!

This blush brush is simply made to contour & define ur cheeks flawlessly. It has synthetic taklon fibers. For those who have no clue what a taklon fibre is- its is basically more hygenic than animal hair brushes- it doesn’t pick up the bacteria and trap powders. These brushes clean SUPER fast unlike other hairs. If you have sensitive skin, you should stick to taklon brushes as it decreases any form of irritation that occurs on your face.


The hairs are very very very soft so the blush applied will look flawless. Also, the blush end is tapered (meaning it has a pointy curvy tip) this will help in contouring at the same time. You can use this brush to apply blush, powder or contour! Another benefit to this brush is that it doesn’t pick up a lot of product- so it is just enough for you to build it up the way you want. You blushers/powders will last more with this brush as it doesn’t waste them.


You can apply your blush by sweeping it across back & forth. You can apply it in a number 8 motion or “infinity” motion. you can also apply it by patting it on the area. It is also a buffer brush so you can buff the product in by circular motions to look more natural.


The pink mettalic finish of the handle is beautiful- and these brushes do stand up as they have a flat bottom.
The price is SUPER affordable! I highly recommend it!

You can find those in the UK in boots and other drugstores. Also sold online via amazon and other websites.