Honestly speaking, brushes are my # 1 weakness. The are the one thing in makeup where I can’t have enough of. The more I own, the better I sleep at night! Well… I’m just super excited for the amazing news of Makeup for ever’s latest Brush launch!!

I can’t get enough of MUFE’s brushes- they are super professional- The handle, the shape, the blending… And imagine- Soon they will be launching the full brush range–> REDESIGNED, IMPROVED, and MUCH MORE PROFESSIONAL!!! I’m super anxious to see them!!


MUFE will launch those brushes in OCT 2013 (middleast) – quite a long time from now – but it is worth the wait!! TRUST ME!!

These brushes are cutting edge!

Let me tell you what’s so cool about them:

DANNY SANS, the creator of MUFE worked herself on developing those new brushes to perfect them with every little detail. Danny and her team researched the best materials to make up the perfect brushes and conducted a lot of blind tests with MUA’s to test those brushes.



Those brushes will focus on a 100% synthetic fiber range ( with NO NATURAL HAIR) in the range! Similar to Illamasqua & Real Technique’s brushes (all hairs are synthetic but can be used with creamy & powder at the same time). MUFE’s brushes will have special fibers, different than other brands.

Even so, each brush shape is exclusively designed to meet professional performance.


What really caught my eye is the tip of the brush handle – being slanted.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.47.37 PM

Exclusively made for tucking in your false lashes! HOW CONVENIENT ! It is also used to mix and adjust makeup textures (meaning instead of using a spatula to remove a product or mix a foundation etc u can mix & swap using this)

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.11.55 AM

Each brush has a wooden handle made out of environmental-friendly Beechwood and a gun metal connector between the hairs and the handle.


The names will be different too- Each brush handle will incorporate a number then it will state ” Straight”, “wavy” or “Straight&Wavy” to describe the hair texture of the brush.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.47.02 PM

It has always been hard for me to memorize the numbers for MUFE brushes, where I would find MAC & sigma super easy- So now MUFE are changing the numbers too with 4 categories:

All brushes numbered in the (#100’s) is for the face only. Brushes in the (#200’s) are for the eyes. Lip brushes are in the #300 range and the artistic ones will be in the #400.


These brushes will be super unique- when compared to other brands. MUFE claims their brushes are handcrafted, super resistant, humidity proof, hygienic and most importantly environmental friendly, cruelty-free.

There will be a total of 76 brushes- WOW that is ALOT!

With those brushes a special brush cleanser will be launched too.


The “INSTANT BRUSH CLEANSER” is a purifying cleanser with a quick drying formula. It will remove any type of product from your brush, whether it was long wear or waterproof etc.