EXCLUSIVE: ‘BACKSTAGE DUBAI’ a beauty concept store.. and its’ collaboration with celebrity Millie Mackintosh (Makeup Tutorial)

Working on this post was absolutely amazing! I am thrilled to introduce you to this amazing company- BACKSTAGE DUBAI- Some may know it, but the ones who don’t then this is your chance to know what they are and what they do- and yes- it is MAKEUP RELATED!

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BACKSTAGE is located in Dubai- and it’s a beauty concept store- unlike any other store- it’s very unique! (can’t wait to visit it during my trip to Dubai for my makeup classes… to know more see my Dubai class post – click HERE)

A shot of Backstage’s amazing modern layout


Basically, Backstage is a luxury beauty boutique which sources exclusive brands from overseas. It provides some brands that are not widely, if at all, available throughout the U.A.E so that they can offer a truly unique beauty experience.

Backstage provides you with cosmetics, luxury fragrances, lavish skincare lines, beauty tools & fashion accessories.  It is a pretty new store in town- as it recently opened in late 2011.

The amazing brands which Backstage provides are: Besame, Belmacz, Becca, Beautyblender (all UAE girls looking for it- they sell it here!), Bdellium Tools, Ciate, Fallon, Gio Diev, Histoires de Parfums, HAIR DESIGNACCESS, ila, Jerome C. Rosseau, Jennifer Behr, Karmissie, Karen Murrell, Ligia Dias, Les Tai Tai, LashControl, MOR, Mily Make Up, Mason Pearson, Mark Buxton, Mai Couture, Nanadebary, Nail Rock, Osmo, Parfumerie Generale, Rosebud, Rodin olio lusso, Whish, Xen Tan, Zoe & Morgan.


Moving on to the makeup part … I think many of you know the famous MILLIE MACKINTOSH… How amazing is it that she collaborated with BACKSTAGE ??

 For those not familiar with Millie- she is a super popular star in the TV show “Made in Chelsea” … And also she is a very talented makeup artist! She is an iconic beauty and fashion icon. She also recently launched a false lashes collection!


millie-head-and-shoulders She simply is GORGEOUS!!!


Backstage earned a lucky chance to do an exclusive “how to makeup” tutorial with Millie. Millie uses BACKSTAGE’s brands to show us how she can achieve beautiful skin – more of a “day glam” look.

The tutorial is super helpful and I urge you girls to see it. It provides details (step by step) on how to create this stunning makeup look… Also- she gives you some beauty tips and tricks (always luv that part !) The Millie make up tutorial was released on January 1st 2013 – so this video is SUPER NEW!

 See her tutorial below


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If you can’t view the video above, copy past this link http://youtu.be/Hs4G9oPe2Aw or  http://backstage.ae/tv/  into your browser.

All products used in the tutorial are available at BACKSTAGE Dubai ! So those who want the amazing beauty blender and becca etc should definitely visit this amazing store & grab those goodies!

Also, check out Milli Mackintosh’s exclusive interview with Backstage & see her unclose pictures from the photoshoot!


BS) Made In Chelsea is absolutely huge! What made you agree to be part of the show?

MM) I was really scared about being in a reality show. I had no idea what I was getting into! It was a massive gamble that luckily paid off! Once I persuaded Caggie to join the show, I knew it would be a lot of fun

BS) Where do you think you would be now if you hadn’t done Made In Chelsea?

MM) I would still be working as a make up artist but I doubt I would have my own line of lashes out yet!

BS) What would you say is the most difficult thing about being a reality TV star?

MM) People get to see such a large part of our lives that it becomes difficult to have your privacy, I find it hard when I get followed at the airport or when I’m running errands looking not my best!


BS) You’ve visited Dubai in the past. What do you think of our city? What do you remember most about visiting Dubai?

MM) I love the sun so I especially enjoyed the climate! Dubai is great for a winter getaway and has some of the best restaurants and malls in the world! The fountains outside the Burj Khalifa.

BS) Do you have any plans to visit again soon?

MM) With my filming schedule, it is hard to book trips away! I am working hard this winter so haven’t been able to make any travel plans at all yet!

BS) What can you tell us about your collaboration with Backstage, a beauty concept store in Dubai?

MM) I am thrilled to be working with Backstage Dubai and also very happy to announce they will now be stocking my line of false lashes! When they got in touch it made perfect sense – I am a beauty addict so its a really fun collaboration and they have a terrific range of amazing products, so what’s not to love?

BS) Backstage has more niche, high-end, luxury cosmetics, skin care and fragrance. Are you a fan of unique beauty products?

MM) Yes 100% addicted! I love discovering amazing brands that go beyond the average product and deliver amazing results.

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BS) What is your favourite thing about shopping at boutiques?

MM) The private and unique experience you get! Also, knowing not everyone else knows about it yet, it’s a more exclusive way of shopping.

BS) What drove you to want to be a make up artist?

MM) I always loved watching my mum getting ready for parties when I was little and I used make up from early in my teens to cover up bad skin. It made me feel much better about myself. I love how putting on a bit of make up in the morning can help you feel ready to face the day!

BS) What is your all time favourite make up brand?

MM) I have to say I am a Becca addict!

BS)What are your top 5 make up tips for women?

MM) Know your skin type and skin tone, this is very important when picking your base make up.
Use a primer with an SPF, this will protect skin from the sun all year round and help your make up stay on all day.

Choose colours that suit you, always match your base in natural light to make sure it’s a good match.
Less is more, enhance what you’ve got – don’t mask it.
Have fun … it’s about being creative and expressing yourself!

 Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 12.56.27 AM

BB) What 3 beauty products do you never leave the house without?

MM) Lip balm. I love Baume de Rose from By Terry, My Becca foundation, My lashes – whichever ones suit the feel of the day…

BB) Your skin is always so radiant. How do you keep it in such amazing condition?

MM) Thank you! I have a good cleansing routine which I think is essential and I have monthly facials. I also do 1 or 2 face masks at home every week.

BB) Dubai’s weather is amazing all year round but we are strong believers in safe tanning. What are your tips to maintain a perfect fake tan?

MM) It’s important to assess your skin when choosing your tanning product, for fairer skin tones – choose a product that is light to medium and always to a patch test first. Make sure you exfoliate a day before applying tanning products to make sure you get an even colour and then apply moisturiser to knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles to stop the tan from going too dark in those areas! I love St Tropez self-tanning mousse.

BB) You are regarded as a beauty and fashion icon. How do you feel about this?

MM) It’s very flattering but I don’t feel worthy of the title! I love clothes – dressing up was always my favourite game when I was little.

BB) Are you more of a ‘heels’ or ‘handbag’ kind of woman?

MM) I’m a heels and handbag kind of woman! Got to have the perfect bag to go with the shoes …

BB) Who is your ultimate beauty and fashion icon at the moment?

MM) Miranda Kerr. She has a killer body and always looks so natural and gorgeous. The way she dresses is simple, elegant and stylish.

BB) Congratulations on your lash line – they are all absolutely stunning. What were the reasons behind you creating your own lash line?

MM) I wanted to wear lashes that were really natural for the daytime, that felt light, and that didn’t irritate my eyes. I couldn’t be happier with the way my lash line has come out. The feedback has been amazing. It’s a dream come true to have my own lash line!


BB) What advice would you give to a woman who is looking at choosing a false eyelash to wear?

MM) Think about your eye shape and if you like a more natural or bold look. My lashes range from very natural to a sexy full lash look. I would wear all of them depending on the occasion or mood I was in.

BB) What is your top tip for wearing false eyelashes?

MM) Wear them with confidence!


BB) Are they any other plans for more products in the pipeline?

MM) Definitely, whatever I do, it will always be to enhance a women’s natural beauty and will be kind to the skin. I would love my own clothing line one day.

BB) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

MM) I would love to have a beauty and clothing boutique, that would be amazing!

BB) What would you say you are most thankful for right now?

MM) All the people I’ve worked with over the last year and a half! I couldn’t of done it without them!

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 To know more about Backstage, please visit http://www.backstage.ae 

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Backstage is located in THE VILLAGE (see map below)


Backstage Shop 21,  Ground Floor, The Village, Jumeirah 1 Dubai,

United Arab Emirates

T: +971 4 385 5500   F: +971 4 385 5505  E: info@backstage.ae