I’m thrilled to have the all new Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in my hands! This product is not yet sold in Bahrain ( as of today JAN 13,2013)- I have the product pre it’s launch here and I’m glad to review it for you girls- so that you will know what to expect from it and what to know before buying it!


It is one of those powders that I’m sure girls will love- especially those girls who love compact foundations and love to use them in the morning! You will be able to transform this foundation to a different texture for a completely different look.

When will it launch?

The pro-finish will launch soon in Bahrain- Mid to end of MARCH 2013. It will be sold for BD 18 – and it will come in 24 shades


What is it?

A multiuse powder foundation with a patent-pending formula that can be applied wet or dry for buildable coverage and a customized finish.

It has a special formula (with ‘vegetal coated bio-mimetic pigments’ which lets you basically customize the result and texture of your foundation.

You have the choice to apply it dry for a matte finish full coverage result, or wet to get a satin finish sheer coverage.


Why is it special?

This product- believe it or not- took Dany Sanz (Creator & Artistic Director) more than six years to make. She has tested more than 70 different formulations and finally settled with this one. She wanted a multi-use formula with different finishes and different coverage levels.

This compact foundation is very different than the previous ones in their permanent products- as it allows you to customize it to how you want to use it.


My verdict

I’m very impressed- honestly- I’m not a fan of compact powdered foundations- and you do realize that I barely blog about them. But this one- swept me off my feet!!

I have been waiting to get my hands on this powder for a while and I’m lucky I did- I had a 6th sense that it will be good to me.


The texture was very lightweight- it blends beautifully into your skin- If it was matte (dry) it will look like skin or shall I say “second skin”. It looks absolutely natural. If u want more coverage it is easily buildable. What I also liked about it is that when you hear the word “matte” or “dry”- then you will think that the foundation will dry up your face and might look cakey. However, with this product it really hydrates my skin and I didn’t feel that it dried up my face at all ( I have combination skin)- It might depend from skintone to another.

How to pick your shade?

The shades are slightly similar to the Makeupforever HD foundation (liquid)- not 100% exact- but close to them. I’m a mix of 2 colors in the HD (128 and 155)… but since with powders u can’t mix, you will realize that one might suit you better than the other. With this pro-finish powder- the 155 is closer to my skin tone than the 128.


My experiment (dry for matte finish)

I really suggest NOT using the sponge that comes in the tub- instead use a powder brush/ buffer brush/kabuki- suits best and applies the color much better than a sponge. The brush blends it beautifully.


I loved how this powder looks very natural and perfectly suits my skin. It doesn’t look cakey and doesn’t feel dry. If you have an oil problem then this will help in mattifying the oils off your face.

My experiment (wet for satin finish)

Wet a sponge (not the one in the tub) or your brush gently, then remove the excess water and take some powder using the wet applicator.


When wet, the color appears to be more vibrant and I feel that there is more coverage when it is applied wet. If you still want more coverage after this, you can apply powder (dry) on top.

Just keep in mind **** When applied wet- it goes darker (so be careful). You can take a shade lighter if you want to just apply it wet as it might go darker.

To actually see how the product looks like on skin (WET VS. DRY) – see the picture below:


You shouldn’t worry about the powder when it is wet that it won’t go back to powder- the powder will look wet even when it is dry but just dust it off and it will look good as new.