My review: shu uemura ‘s ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil skin purifier

I really hate that annoying feeling when you remove your makeup and you still feel that u have dirt on your skin!! I have got this shu uemura’s skin purifying cleansing oil recently from London and absolutely loved the results!

The product’s full name is “ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil skin purifier” and it comes in a brown bottle- 2 diff sizes- 150 ml and 450 ml


This special cleansing oil is super effective as it removes impurities and dirt and gives you the most amazing super smooth skin!!! I have tried and tested it and I guarantee you that it will make your skin very smooth!


It is mainly used to remove any dirt or makeup- will instantly hydrate and nourish your skin. It is a fantastic product to add to your skincare routine. This product by far is one of the best cleansing oils- it even beats MAC cleanse off oil- as i feel it is more healthier for my skin.


It is an oily/watery product and must be used with water in order to work!

These are the directions for using it!


Just remember, apply some in your hand then onto your face (which is filled with makeup) and apply some water then work it into your skin- you will then realize how super soft your skin is!

Check out the benefits of the ingredients in this product

sscThis cleansing oil literally removes every trace of makeup! So if you don’t feel like removing it with facial wipes etc- just wash ur face with it! I even love how it removes the waterproof mascara so easy! This product differs from Shu Uemura’s other cleansing oils as it is more moisturizing on your skin. You will feel instantly after washing your face how soft and smooth and supple it is!

The only disadvantage to this is how pricey it is- and it is not available in Bahrain- but hopefully when you travel you can get it!