Want the darkest eye liner? Learn how to get one!

I absolutely love a super black liner – but even the darkest ones tend to go lighter over time….

I have an amazing product from ILLAMASQUA which makes that super intense black liner!


I use 2 products from ILLAMASQUA and mix them together!

I use the following:

An illamasqua slanted angled brush (u can use any – from any brand)

Illamasqua’s black eyeshadow OBSIDIAN



And Illamasqua’s sealing gel


This sealing gel is amazing! It’s basically a tiny bottle with a formula- that changes powders to liquids.

One drop of this product turns any powder into a colour-intense, water-resistant PASTE that dries quickly and lasts for hours. It creates a waterproof finishing and gives off maximum pigmentation!

You can use it with any pigment or eyeshadow and it will turn it to creamy- similar to inglot’s Duraline.

Below are the steps of what I do to create a really dark liner


Make sure to apply instantly as the product dries of very quickly! I do apply this past on to my eye 2-3 times to get a dark intense color!

Below are some pictures of the mixed product on my hand- and with a comparison to normal gel liners.


Below- you can see how dark and intense the color is compared to dark gel liners!20121225-165321.jpg

It might be a bit hard for you to draw it instantly with this paste, so I suggest drawing it first with a gel liner then tracing over with this paste !

You can find this product in www.illamasqua.com or in middleast (UAE & KUWAIT)