MY REVIEW: “SMOKED” Palette by Urban Decay

I have receieved a surprise birthday gift in the mail today…. from a very special friend who lives so far away from me 😦

Such a beautiful gift… so I decided to review it!


To be honest… when you see pics of the smoked palette online – you don’t really get attracted to it! That is what happened to me… I didn’t like it very much cuz I didn’t feel that the colors were vibrant… But when you actually have it in your hands.. TRUST me… you will change your mind!!!

That is what happened to me- when i saw it & tested the colors- I fell in love … and to tell you the truth- the colors are amazing!


Forget about MAC eyeshadows ( which I believe have a high pigmentation).. but if you are looking for eyeshadows that are super rich & vibrant and are somewhat metallic/reflective- then URBAN DECAY eyeshadows are the answer!

The SMOKED Palette

Comes in a zippy case.. includes 10 eyeshadows… 1 24/7 eyepencil.. and a mini original eye primer tube



I’m very glad that this palette did NOT have a brush- as I really dislike their brushes- find them very stiff- very synthetic and unworkable!

The Black “Preversion” 24/7 glide on eye pencil is SUPER SUPER SUPER BLACK… & trust me when I tell you it is UNSMUDGABLE! I tested it on my hand and had a really hard time removing it! This means if you have watery eyes then this will really stay!



The palette also has a small book- a how to book- to show you how to apply up to 12 eye looks! I find this very helpful- it will even tell you eye areas- like where is your crease & waterline etc… it is very detailed … reminds me of toofaced how to kits!






Oh.. so beautiful… I’m not just saying this cuz it is a blog … but Im truly IMPRESSED… if you love silver (all shade ranges) or gold or copper etc – this is amazing!! IF YOU LOVE SHIMMER… then this is the palette to get! You can use those colors on their own- or use them on the centre of ur lid and surround with matte colors (my choice)… or you can work with more than one color and pull on the outer > corners!

WARNING: Those colors are HIGHLY PIGMENTED- meaning color excess will fall of on your eye/under eye area so BE VERY CAREFULL and tap your brush before application

BELOW are my hand swatches


PREVERSION PENCIL: super dark black- KINKY: neutral beige (matte) – FREESTYLE: brownish peach(matte) – MUSHROOM: gray brown taupe – BACKDOOR: charcoal brown with a hint of grey (matte) – BLACKOUT – black (matte)
I would use kinky for a highlight (brow bone) and freestyle to blend above the crease.
BARLUST: reddish brown with a hint of gold (shimmery) – ROCKSTAR: dark smoky purple (shimmery) – EVIDENCE: navy blue (metallic/shimmery) – LOADED: green/teal with black undertones – ASPHALT: dark grey with silver micro shimmer.

My Opinion

My fav 2 colors where MUSHROOM & BARLUST… They are amazing…

I don’t really understand why it is called SMOKED … I think it should be called metallic or frost hahahaha

SMOKED is more about Matte colors- and this has the majority of NON MATTE colors! You have to be great with blending in order to make those colors look smoked- that is why Matte colors work well to smoke up!

URBAN DECAY IS AVAILABLE ONLINE ( I always get it from amazon or or travel and buy it from all over the world!