All Eyes on You – Moda Mall “Style Lounge” hosted by Joelle Mardinian

Latest event in Bahrain… Covering all aspects of beauty!!

If you are interested in Makeup, Fashion, Hair, Nails & Beauty- then Moda Mall is the place to be between OCT 17-OCT 31 !

The Style Lounge is basically a lounge filled with professionals: hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists & nail technicians to help you in anything you need to know! I’m impressed that it will be 2 weeks! Such professionals come from the different top salons in Bahrain…. and are here to offer FREE/complimentary advice for all of you!

Re-knowned famous makeup artist & tv show host Joelle Mardinian is the guest of honour for the style lounge!

All glammed up- Joelle offered some Q&A with the audience!

Below are the photos of the opening day (press conference followed by a makeup segment)


 Below (LAVISH) nail salon – FREE NAIL ART!


Joelle Arrives


With her models



Below: Our picture (the bloggers) with Joelle! – Ali Fareed, Mara Mostafa, Me & Nada Tawfeeqi


Polaroid stands…. took us ages to get our pix!







Gorgeous MAKEUP!! Model above: They used gold in the front to centre lid- then added smoky brown in outer corners. Her green/hazel lenses bring out the color more. Simple makeup- glamorous!


Joelle’s tips on answered questions:

* Focus on natural makeup & Not heavy makeup (mask)

* Consider yourself lucky if you are arab- to have such beautiful eyes & skin – Khaliji makeup focuses a lot on black kohl

* When you apply black pencil kohl in your eyes, you’ll get a more defined look.. to make your eyes bigger apply lighter color on your lids on nude pencil in your waterline.

* Dealing with oily skin is tough. Make sure you are applying primers before to mattify your face and absorb oils. Also get an oil free moisturizer (made for oily skin) and use it morning & night.

* Olive skinned tone women have the advantage of using any eye shadow desired!

* Important to consult your dermatologist about your skin tone- so you can choose the right foundation for your skin.

* Essential to use a lighter foundation (formula) for mornings.

* Dark spots/discoloration appears on your skin due to the sun. Make sure you wear a moisturizer with SPF.

* Be careful with facials- stick to cream based ones instead of laser.

* Don’t hide your face with a mask of makeup. Just bring our your best features.