My Review: The Lipgloss- By DOLCE & GABBANA

Head over heels for this gloss!



By the Dolce&Gabbana makeup line- this lipgloss in shade “Raspberry” is gorgeous!


I got it from the Bouquet makeup collection spring 2012. The closest D&G store u can get is from UAE.

Dolce & Gabbana Lip Glosses are very moisturizing- it stays on for approx 4-5 hrs.. It smells sooooo god!! Like candy/sweet rosy perfume!




It is super glossy- like all the other shades in the D&G line! It is also has high pigmentation!

The color is pink ofcorse- rosy pink- not so light & not so dark… the color is just perfect! Since it is not a very pale color & not so dark it will match a lot of skin tones. The color is so floral and calls for spring- although it’s autumn now where you would expect crimsons and all those darker shades- I still love to wear pinkish hues – matches any season you’re in!


I swear the color is just perfect!

I love to use this lipgloss on it’s own- has a great color- but it’s your choice if you want to add a lipstick underneath!

Check out my swatch below



The only disadvantage is the price tag- quite pricey!