I Had this product for a while now- but I just realized that I should definitely write my review about it!

The product is from a company called “GREEN BAR“… and what I love about it is that the company is from our beloved Bahrain!

Green Bar is all about luxury botanical oils…

Those precious oils come from all over the world… and work wonders on your skin!

One of my purchases was for the

“FACE ELIXIR” face oil


This serum is made from rice bran, which gives you a radiance. It also consists of fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E. What this face oil does is plumps, hydrates and nourishes your skin (deeply) while smoothing fine lines.


It is perfect for both genders and all skin types.

What i love about it?

The smell…. the beautiful calming smell of lavender weakens my knees!!

The smell is super calming – so u can apply it day or night- and will help u sleep peacefully at night.


Although it’s an oil- it is not actually oily/greasy…. Once you apply it on your skin- it will sink into your face tissue and work its way in.

I also hear that lavender oil is great for burns- so it may be helpful too!

You will love how smooth and supple your skin feels after applying it!


This special facial oil can be a replacement for night creams or day cream (if you’re staying at home & you don’t need SPF).. Oils penetrate the skin much better than creams & hydrate it faster.

I don’t suggest using this before makeup though….

It is very similar to Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate 🙂 You can read about Kiehl’s here

How to Apply?

Make sure your face is clean- then apply a few drops onto your hands and massage all over your face! I also use it on my lips and under eye area 🙂 Don’t forget- Massage it into your skin to make it work… don’t just pat it!


Order Your Green Bar Face Elixir Now from

It is 12 BD….

What’s more? Super fast delivery !!

*Also- check out Green Bar’s body oils ❤ I love them!!