My FULL Review: Maya Loves Aqua Kit from Makeupforever

I have previously wrote about this limited collection before it launched!

You can read about it here ! The link features her amazing photos and how to achieve them!

Well- The “Maya Loves Aqua” kit from Make up For ever launched in lat June 2012 and it is a fantastic collaboration with Middle Eastern Star “Maya Diab” to emphasize Makeupforever’s famous aqua line!

This collection is all about the aqua collection and how it is really super long lasting and waterproof!

FYI ( this kit consists of mini versions of specific permanent products) with a new addition!

You can get it from Faces, Vavavoom, Debenhams & Paris Gallery!

I do suggest getting it from Faces as it retails for 39 BD (lowest) but you get a free makeup session with your purchase!!! How cool


I got the kit once it launched but never got the time to review it — so here we are!



The collection includes a silver clutch with side studs (Christian Louboutin) ….



Inside the clutch you will find the following:

Aqua Cream #13 (Beige)

Aqua Liner #13 (Black)

Aqua Rouge 2(rosewood)

Aqua Lip 2 c (rosewood color)

Aqua Smoky lash (Black)

Sens’ Eyes (makeup remover)


Aqua Smoky lash

One of the best selling mascaras- volume, length, darkness & WATERPROOF!! I always use it during summer (beach season) because it is super waterproof!

This is a cute little version of it!



Aqua Eye Liner

A liquid liner which I use nearly everyday! Super Black- very pigmented- sharp precise point to make a winged flick… And Yup .. it is waterproof ! So you can use it for the beach as well!

I constantly talk about this liquid liner on twitter


Aqua Cream #13 Beige

Highly pigmented long lasting waterproof cream… with pearly pigmentation… I have used this product before & it doesn’t crease or smudge ( i suggest using a primer underneath anyways)! It is even hard to wipe off! I do suggest blending it superfast before it dries up! Your finger would do or any synthetic brush.


The shade is a golden beigy shade with a hint of metallic…you can use this for your eyes and lips! It instantly brightens up your eye since it is a light based color.


Aqua Lip 2c

Lip liner which is also waterproof- very water resistant & easy to glide on lips

The color is “rosewood” – super soft so make sure you sharpen it.


Aqua Rouge 2

This is the only product in the kit which is NEW-from the new AQUA ROUGE line- amazing two sided lip rouges with a color on one side and a gloss on the other!

This will be a permanent.

The color is rosewood. The aqua rouge provides intense and long-lasting color .. similar to sephora’s lip stain.. It will stay there fore hours and hours…


If you want it matte – don’t add gloss.. if you want it shiny then use the gloss.


Notice how it becomes matte a few seconds later…

And if you want it glossed up….


The aqua rouge is hard to remove (hence- long lasting) – tried it with a wipe and no use…

The sens eyes (below) removed every trace of it!


Pic above after trying to smudge it off with makeupremover wipes!

Sens’ Eyes

Famous makeup remover – which basically removes the anything stubborn. Anything waterproof or that doesn’t get removed by wipes- the sens eyes bottle is the solution! IT REMOVES EVERYTHING MAGICALLY!



Great buy- nice clutch … and fantastic products! Great small miniatures to be placed in bags or clutches.. and fantastic sizes especially for traveling!

To be honest- it is actually a fair price- you get a mascara, lip liner, liquid eyeliner, rouge+gloss, creamy eyeshadow and a makeup remover .. and a clutch all for 39 BD!