My Review: the “Beauty Balm” by Too Faced

Not all brands have beauty balms… and the disadvantage in many brands is the limited shades….

First…. what is a beauty balm?

Basically, it’s a type of foundation that aims to cover blemishes, offer good coverage, and blend properly onto the skin with a satiny finish. It is also known to improve the skin & treat it. Started off in the Asian (Korean) markets and now they are sold worldwide! They do contain SPF and they are the replacement for tinted moisturizers or even foundations!

Well, I’m here to review this special beauty balm from TooFaced!


I purchased it a month ago and I have been using it since… I’m loving it!!

Lemme explain more about it..

This beauty balm is available in 4 shades:

Vanilla Glow (light skin tone), Cream Glow (light to medium), Nude Glow (medium), and Beach Glow (deep skin tone)

I have 2 shades- the Nude Glow & Beach Glow. For when I’m tanned I used Beach glow & for the rest of the year I’ll use the Nude Glow!

About Too Faced BB Cream


The Too Faced Beauty Balm (BB cream) does give u not only beauty benefits but skincare benefits. The balm has a multi-mineral complex that gives u a healthy glow and will improve the skin’s appearance over time.

This special balm consists of light diffusing pigments which instantly hides wrinkles/fine lines. It is also anti-aging so it will prevent damage. It moisturizes & is oil free… Great for all skin types and most importantly SPF 20 (which is great- considered high). It contains Vitamins A &E + Chamomile which nourishes your skin.


What you might not know about it- It is a MULTI USE… Meaning that you can use it as a primer to prep your skin before foundation or use it on its own.


I’m currently using this bb cream daily – morning or night & i’m surprised by how Im addicted to it! This stuff is pretty good! I have sort of ditched tinted moisturizers & always use this!

What’s awesome about it is the glow it gives (not shiny or oily) but simply a radiance.


I do use it like a tinted moisturizer- with my hands- rub on all my face and make sure no excess lines but just patting with my fingers and slightly smudging. Then I would def apply some concealer on top and powder all over. Sometimes when i want an even more natural finish- I would use the balm on it’s own with no powder on top.

This bb cream is medium-full coverage! But you don’t actually feel it heavy or anything- it’s like it is barely there! Those tiny blemishes and acne scars. If the bb cream does not fully cover your blemishes then I suggest adding setting powder on top.


Beautiful coverage & smooth skin & non greasy!… And the greatest part of all – it is super quick! For mornings or a night out – it is a quick fix! The product is easily bendable like a cream- but make sure to clean your hands after or you’ll make everything you touch beige.


Once it is blended- it automatically gives off a glow/radiance



The tube itself looks small but it will stay a while! As I said I have been using this product daily for a month and it is still halfway full !

I hear this product is amazing for older women- as it really treats their skin & hides those fine lines etc.

I promise you- you won’t be disappointed by this product!

This product is available in SEPHORA worldwide…. and YES- IT IS AVAILABLE IN BAHRAIN SEPHORA 🙂 around 18 BD