REVIEW: “Earthly” Eyeshadow from MAC Heavenly

FYI: This collection has launched worldwide and will launch Aug 14 in Bahrain.

The other thing which I got from the MAC heavenly creature collection is the “EARTHLY” eyeshadow!




Earthly eyeshadow is basically a swirl of beige, peach and cool brown with some gold.



To be honest.. I dislike this product! What you see is NOT what you get!


The packaging shows you colors of beige, brown & gold… however…. what you GET is actually a taupe grey color!

Once those colors are mixed- the color becomes tinted with grey and very little brown is shown.

I purchased the product thinking that with the mixture of such colors i would get a beautiful brownish gold color- but what i actually got was a metalicish Grey!

If you like greyish eyeshadows with a pearly metallic sheen- then get this one! If you want it so somewhat be brown/gold… then this is the wrong one to take!


Looked amazing on the pan.. but once it was blended.. looked disappointing!

Couldn’t try it in store as they were super neat & the customers did not touch them!!

However, the color payoff is not bad and good pigmentation!