The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Scrub – My Review

So I recently got this new exfoliator scrub from MAC !

I decided to try it out during my holiday here in Spain….

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator




FYI – this product was sold a few years ago… and it got discontinued! They have recently launched it now in the MAC heavenly creatures collection (in Europe & USA) ….. and I believe it won’t stay for that long! So grab it before it’s finished!!!



This exfoliating scrub is not only for exfoliation purposes- but also cleansing. The ingredients that make up this scrub: Actual volcanic ash mixed with some fine sugar crystals. It also has silica.


 This scrub will basically refine your skin and unclog any pores making your skin feel extra soft, smooth and clean. The product is filled with MINERALS… so you can use it also on your full body!

Well as you can see, the scrub is BLACK! Probably from the “ash” ! But I am loving this product!! I have tested it for a few days now and it is really a fantastic scrub to have on your bathroom shelf. It deeply exfoliates … feels like I have something that Spa’s who give high end facials would use. Smells ashy too… but you will really feel that it is working deep into your skin.

Keep in mind- Silica will actually scratch you so be very careful.

As adviced on the tube, use no more than 3 times per week. Apply on your clean face and rub, then rinse off.



My advice: apply moisturizer afterwards as your skin will be hungry to absorb moisture.

Below is a a quick guide on how to use it… I scrub my face but I am showing you an example on my hand.



Just remember to work it into your skin, so keep rubbing in circular motions!


After  this, rinse off with water and you will feel how smooth your skin is! Don’t forget to moisturize!!

I really loved this scrub … unbelievably amazing and does the job without stressing the skin or making it red or anything like that.