The Peche Cuivre bronze eye pencil- Summer De Chanel collection- My Review

This beautiful collection from Chanel “Summertime De Chanel” screams summer. It includes a mixture of sophisticated nude & coral lips, a mix of muted browns and a focus on glowing bronzed skin!

Chanel- always keeping it classy- opt for pretty simple and subtle shades instead of extra bright hues for the summer.

As Chanel describes it, “Sun-kissed cheeks, magnetic eyes, and radiant beauty”.

The Crayon Khol from this collection is a really unique one!

Unlike the classic crayon khol’s from the permenant collection- Noir, Blanc & Clair- this one is totally different.

It’s Peche Cuivre” #75 eye pencil ..


It is a tanned/bronzy eye pencil! It seems to be peach but when used it shows goldish/bronzish hues. It captures the exact color of bronze mixed with copper.


So you apply it inside the eyelid rim- and it instantly adds sparkle to your eyes and also makes your eyes look bigger- since it’s a light color. My suggestion is to layer it more than once to really show the color (you really need to apply a lot to see that golden sheen). The formula is smooth and glides easily. You can always use it on the outer part of your upper lid- instead of the black winged eyeliner- will look gorgeous for summer!



This eyepencil can be used all year and not just in summer.

If you ever tried the pigment “TAN” from MAC- you will notice that it is quite the same color!


I’m a huge huge huge fan of Chanel pencil liners- I consider their crayon khols the holy grail of all pencil liners.


Long lasting + fantastic quality + intense color – In all their shades!

The beautiful eye pencil compliments your bronzed cheeks! Yes, it is limited edition…

Sadly… so get your hands on it now before it disappears.

See my swatches below



This beautiful pencil liner retails at a price of 11.5 BD

Summertime De Chanel Full collection is available in Bahrain.

You can get yours at: