Calypso Lipgloss- Summertime De Chanel Collection- My Review

This beautiful collection from Chanel “Summertime De Chanel” screams summer. It includes a mixture of sophisticated nude & coral lips, a mix of muted browns and a focus on glowing bronzed skin!

Chanel- always keeping it classy- opt for pretty simple and subtle shades instead of extra bright hues for the summer.

As Chanel describes it, “Sun-kissed cheeks, magnetic eyes, and radiant beauty”.


The lipgloss Calypso #337 ” is a transparent with a hint of deep orange.


The gloss is limited edition ofcorse!

It is deep orange but also with a hint of pink, golden and fuchsia micro shimmer.

I tried it on- and it is very lightweight & moisturising. The shimmer instantly makes your lips glow.


When you apply it on your lips- it will last 3-4 hours. I love how it looks very coraly when applied- with a pop of tangerine too! What makes it great it how it is not actually ORANGE.


It can be slightly simmer to NARS “wonder” but calypso is a hint lighter.

TIP: you can mix the coral lipstick from the same collection (EN VOGUE) with the gloss! The pic below is the lipstick


It is a great pop of color- welcoming for summer!

The lipgloss’s retail price is 14.5 BD

Summertime De Chanel Full collection is available in Bahrain.

You can get yours at: