Rouge Coco Shine- “Empreinte” from SUMMERTIME DE CHANEL collection – My Review

This beautiful collection from Chanel “Summertime De Chanel” screams summer. It includes a mixture of sophisticated nude & coral lips, a mix of muted browns and a focus on glowing bronzed skin!

Chanel- always keeping it classy- opt for pretty simple and subtle shades instead of extra bright hues for the summer.

As Chanel describes it, “Sun-kissed cheeks, magnetic eyes, and radiant beauty”.

This beautiful lipstick Rouge Coco Shine #437 Empreinte” is a soft beige.





The lipstick is more of a sheer formula with a wash of color. The color can be described as a sheer nude. It might seem slightly pinkish but it is more nude. I believe it will not really show on your lips if you have fair skin- but if you have olive skin or you are tanned- it will really pop! The formula does have tiny bits of sparkling shimmers (micro shimmers) – which don’t show as much when worn on lips- only in sun.



 You might think that this super shiny lipstick is sticky- but not at all! It is super moisturizing. Oh … and it smells nice. The shine tends to make your lips fuller. I absolutely love how this lipstick doesn’t have a MATTE color to it. That is what makes it so summery! Light and moisturizing. Most of the nudes being sold in the market are matte and dry- but this nude moist shade will become everyone’s favorite.



This lipstick is unbelievably MOIST! It’s like a lipbalm with a hint of color. I tried it and I feel that my lips are fully soothed and moisturized. You don’t actually feel that you are wearing lipstick because of how moisturized your lips feel.

So if you are someone who loves light lipsticks or more of a lipbalm person- then this is definetly the way to go- as you will love the texture and sheer natural color.

See my swatch below


The lipstick’s retail price is 17 BD

Summertime De Chanel Full collection is available in Bahrain.

You can get yours at: