Oh So Refreshing! A perfect moisturizing facial spray for Makeup!

Well, this is not a new product – it’s just something that I love to use with my makeup!

I’m all about keeping the face moist & refreshed. I hate dull looking skin that’s dry & has no life/radiance!

I always use MAC Fix+ spray prior to my makeup to hold my makeup together & freshen up my face. Well I found something quiet similar- which does the same job!


It’s simply amazing- i love keeping it cool in the fridge & spray right before my makeup or after moisturizing my skin! The water adds extra moisture to your skin & adds glow when it’s all dried up!


Its ‘other uses include the beach (where i got my evian bottle-Oman Shangrila , the pool & excersize- all to keep you refreshed!


 Well it really works well with makeup too!


The bottle’s back description: Evian Facial Spraay helps fix your makeup *** and offers freshness & purity!


Very moisturizing!

Another Brand which I Love – similar brand- is AVENE… (from pharmacies)- does the same job!

Remember- Water works really well with Makeup… so spray some before you color that face!

You can get evian from your local supermarket!