Hello Flawless! Benefit’s new liquid foundation- My review

Well, Hello Flawless!! You are finally here!!


When I saw it in sephora I quickly took my shades and hurried home to try them! Now this is the moment where you have all been waiting for- my review..

Is this foundation as good as people say it is? Well.. I’m here to tell u!

This foundation is called “Hello Flawless… Oxygen Wow SPF 25 Brightening Makeup“. Keep in mind that this foundation took 3 years to develop!



It comes in 9 shades (ranging from fair to dark)

In Light: “Believe in Me” IVORY, “I’m Pure 4 Sure” IVORY, and “I’m Plush & Precious” PETAL.

In Medium: “Cheers to Me” CHAMPAGNE, “I’m So Money” HONEY, and “I’m All the Rage” BEIGE.

In Deep: “Warm Me Up” TOASTED BEIGE, “I’m So Glamber” AMBER, and “I’m Hopelessly Hot” HAZELNUT.

The formula has a “brightening” ingredient which uses the “OXYGEN WOW HYDRATING COMPLEX” with vitamin C & E (anti-ageing). The oxygen wow complex actually helps protect against environmental stress and boosts cellular respiration.



What I LOVE :

I love how the liquid is very light in texture- Makeup4ever HD is a tiny bit heavier. What I mean is that it is loose in consistency.

This foundation really does the job covers well, stays a long time and feels very light when worn.

I absolutely love how it feels so easy to let my pores breathe when i wear it. I feel like I am wearing nothing on my face, when actually I am! I love the packaging !


As the bottle says, you will look more “healthy” – you actually feel it! I can’t actually describe it. The SPF also protects against the sun + hydrates the skin!

I have tried this foundation with several different powders on top (to set it) & I’m telling you it works with everything! I have tried Chanel/Clinique/smashbox/mac etc (loose & compact) in yesterday’s experiment- and it goes well with powders!


I believe this is a great foundation to have- and I can tell you this- It is perfect for everyday!!! It really does the job. I would re-purchase this product again.

What I HATE:

I absolutely love this foundation- but there are some cons with it- But the pros outgrow the cons.

I believe there is not enough shades. Nine shades is not enough. At least 15! It was hard for me to choose my shade i had to mix alot to find the right one- so many of you might need to get 2!


The other flaw is that because of its light consistency- be very careful when u apply it on your hands/palm as a palette then on to ur face. It tends to melt quickly- so becareful.

One more thing- again because of its light consistency, it doesn’t cover acne scars/blemishes that well. So make sure you cover them with a corrector before the foundation so they would actually be hidden.

Other than that- I think this foundation lives up to the hype- it’s great, light & perfect for everyday use. But I wouldn’t use it for weddings etc- just mornings and casual occasions.